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First suspension---summer '00

This was written over a year ago. My sentements haven't changed. My desires haven't changed. I am sitting here this morning after reflecting on the "event" of the prior evening (8/24/00). It was hot and humid in Dallas and as it turned out it was perfect weather for what I was going to do. Last night was my first suspension. I will not bore you with mechanics but suffice it to say that that portion went without a hitch. I chose to do a 'Superman' suspension and as such had 10 hooks imbedded on my body. The skill of Allen, Chris and Pat in performing that task is unsurpassed. I have never had so many piercings done at one time nor as many simultanious piercings done as well. That, standing alone, is quite an experience. The months, weeks and days leading up to the event were a trial of my own strength and will. The preparation and sale of a family home of almost 40 years, moving to a new State and starting of a new job was most difficult. Months ago I chose to do a suspension to celebrate the conclusion of that period of my life. But I digress... As I lay on the table while they attached the ropes and made them taught, I had sensations I've never felt before. Then slowly as they began to lift me above the table with only the imbedded hooks and ropes to support me. The first sensation that was triggered was sound----the sound of the chains working to elevate me and thus my journey began. Then pain, EXTREME pain, raced throughout my entire being as my body strained and contorted. This quickly metamorphed to pleasure and euphoria as the pain faded and was replaced with the sensation of floating. Allen, Chris, and others from TSD who were there asked me if I was 'alright'. I'm not quite sure what the response was but I think it was 'awesome'. I think that was my response but I'm really not sure as already I was 'somewhere' else. All I was, even then, was seeing blue sky and clouds. I was raised even higher and the room, already darkened, was made completely black. There I was, alone but never really alone, in total silence except for the music in the background-----suspended. I felt like I was floating---flying---without the ropes or hooks. No pain. No stress.

The only interruption was a question, quietly spoken, asking me if I wanted to be spun or rocked or both. "Yes", I said. As I began to rotate and rock, the sensation that was generated was true flight. Even though I was in darkness I could see clouds, sky and all the heavens. It is rare that people feel such pleasure, such happiness. I am fortunate. Blue lights were then turned on and I was bathed in that color. For the first time I noticed my shadow on the floor. The ropes and the contorted stretched skin surrounded in blue. I realized that I finally 'did it' and I was so very happy. I smiled. I don't do that often. I remained both motionless and in motion for about 50 minutes as I was told later. I also felt that I could remain in that state for hours but it was time, time to return, time to come down. Again with the clanging of the chains I was lowered slowly back to the table. All I thought about was what just transpired, the journey I just took and the ecstasy I felt. I also thought of my goals I had in doing this and how they were far exceeded. I was truly calmed, relaxed and so very happy. For now it is over. Afterwards, when I was 'cleaned' up. Yes, there was some blood and the air pockets were messaged out (oh BTW that was fun as well) We all went out to eat---my treat of course. It must have been about 2AM. I was tired but exilerated. I did notice that i actually didn't really stop bleeding. My back looked like i was shot a few times with the blood now showing through my back. It wasn't a big deal and no one noticed in the restauant. The total experince was just what I needed. It was blissfull, calming and totally drained me of all stress. There are not enough words of gratitude and thanks I can express to Allen and all the people from the TSD collective that helped and shared in this beautiful experience. I am eternally grateful. I am an ordinary Man that just went through and extraordinary journey, one I shall never forget. I know I will want to do this again and hope I will be given that opportunity. Thank you for reading. Paul


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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