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Hooked on Mal

After the July 1 Toronto BBQ, I knew I wanted to do an energy pull. They looked totally amazing and the energy I witnessed was incredible. I didn't know Mal wanted to do one too until after we talked when we got back. So we decided to do it together. We kept trying to set up a time with Phil and IWasCured, but weren't having much luck. (He was insanely busy with ModCon and other stuff.) We asked about setting something up for August 12. We didn't hear back right away, but we talked and IAM member Amber Strain's birthday was right around then, so we decided to go up on the 12th for his birthday. Not five minutes later, Mal IM'd me to check out Glider's page. There was a message about a private suspension gathering at his place by the IWasCured crew for August 12!!! We immediately IM'd Phil to RSVP. Our pull was on!! We quickly finalized our travel plans and everything fell into place for our trip. As the time drew closer, I got more and more nervous. People don't believe me when I tell them I'm terrified of crowds, but I really am. (For me, any more than 5 people are a crowd.) I also figured out most of the attendees. Most had pulls and/or suspensions already under their belts and here I was, a total newbie. ULP!! I was also nervous because while I have zero problems poking needles into Mal, the thought of needles in me is scary! (Did I mention how much of a pain wimp I can be?) But, even with all this anxiety, the thought of not doing the pull ever crossed my mind. I kept telling myself this was going to be a positive experience and that no matter what, I'll have tried it! I really tried to take care of myself before doing the pull. I exercised some, didn't drink any alcohol the night before, ate a nice breakfast and drank lots of water. Sunday arrived and I was beyond nervous - I was petrified. We went for a walk to try to calm the nerves a bit. It didn't help. I realized that I was about as ready as I would get. We stopped at the store to get some more water, some chocolate and Gatorade to make sure we had no problems. We arrived at Glider's a little before two o'clock. After seeing all the people there I immediately felt very shy, as everyone seemed to know each other and were already socializing. After a few minutes, it was clear no one was going to come up to us, so I took a deep breath and started trying to socialize. (I really didn't want to come off as a snob, or stuck up or whatever.) I'm so glad I did!! The people there were absolutely wonderful!! After a couple of amazing suspensions, they asked if we wanted to be the first to pull. We said sure, but inside I was ready to faint from nervousness. (It's really amazing what you can build up in your mind.) I tried to cover my anxiety by getting some water and a bit of chocolate. Twwylwth and Martini of IWC were doing the piercing. I told them I was ultra-terrified of needles, a wimp, etc. They mad me feel so comfortable!! They were really patient with me. I took off my shirt and decided to pull topless - I wanted NOTHING to interfere with the hooks. I even pulled my hair up for this. They found the least painful spot on my back (no easy task) and proceeded to prep. They drew the lines and then asked how to do this - by surprise or by the breathing method. I opted for the breathing method. Two breaths and the piercing would be on the second exhale. So I went in...out...in...pierced! It was great! It hardly hurt at all; I didn't even flinch. The second hook went just as well, so I was hooked and ready. (And just for the record, those hooks feel very weird in and especially when they move around.) After a few minutes, they tied us together. Tigertante was my coach for the pull. They had us walk apart a bit to put some tension on the rope and to make any necessary adjustments and then we could start. I leaned forward and felt the burning. It didn't really faze me because my back does that on a regular basis when massaged. Any pain I felt was pretty much dwarfed from the unbelievable energy I was feeling. It was the most incredible sensation I've ever felt! I felt a totally different connection with Mal. When we scene, there is a lot of power, energy and trust that is shared but this was completely different because it was as partners, not Domme/sub. I could feel the trust and love through the rope. (I honestly almost had an orgasm from it when we first started.) I didn't go into a deep headspace or anything because I wanted to be up and aware if every little sensation. I didn't want to miss anything! Tigertante was an awesome coach. She really helped me through the pull. Occasionally I'd need her to relay messages like "slow down" or "hold up" if something didn't feel right. I didn't want to stop, but I didn't want to monopolize things so I said I was done. The first thing I wanted to do was give my love a deep kiss for sharing the most amazing experience in the world with me. (I realized to the on-lookers it was a cheesy, cutesy thing, (hee hee) but I didn't care!) Much of the actual pull is a total blur. I think we may have pulled for about 10 minutes or so. Honestly, all I remember is what I've written and the feelings the experience have left me with - the love, the closeness and the energy. I never could have done this without the IWC crew, glider and miL0 hosting, and of course Mal. I can't wait now to try a suspension!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: IWasCured
Studio: Glider%27s+back+yard
Location: Toronto

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