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Suicide suspension

I had seen suspensions on TV and I have also seen my friends perform them as well. I had been intrigued since the moment that I had been exposed to suspensions. I knew that I had wanted to try it. I had read about Fakir Musafar and I was intrigued by his dedication to modern primitives. I had read about the suspensions he had done and I was determined to do one as well. It was just a matter of resources. I had months to think about it. I finally had a place and people to perform it. This was to be my first suspension and I was expecting the most grueling pain ever. The reason I even wanted to experience such pain was to test my self. People see pictures or footage of suspensions and the first question that comes to their minds is why? The reason is different for each individual. The reason I wanted to perform my first suspension was for the experience. I wanted to test my self. I wanted to test my will power, stamina and my mental ability to focus. I wanted to see if I could handle a suspension mentally and physically. So on January 19, 2001 I performed my first suspension. The first suspension I would ever perform was to be the suicide suspension. Four 8g hooks from the upper back. But the piercings was easy part. When I stood there hooked up to the rig that consisted of pulleys and chain, waiting for the moment of my truth, I concentrated on the piercings in my back and I tried to imagine the skin separating from my muscles. I tried to imagine the adrenaline rush I would recieve when my endorphins kicked in. At that time I never expected that the experience would make such a huge impact on me mentally. It was time. I was to be pulled up by four hooks from my back. Nothing there to hold me. Just the hooks and my stamina. It was up to me to make the call to rise above the earth and perform a tribal ritual that has been performed for numerous reasons for centuries. I closed my eyes and took two deep breaths and nodded in sign that I was ready. As I rose from the earth I experienced pain for the first time like I had never experienced in my whole life. For the first minute or two I was in complete agony. But I kept focus on the piercings' in my back, trying to remember every detail of the experience. I had to compleatly let go of everything around me and trust everyone in the room. As my endorphins kicked in I felt the pain fade and my body began to relax. I began to relax the muscles in my back and my extremities. There are no words in the English language to explain how my mind felt.I was completly relieved. The pressure of the world shed off me like the skin off a snake. It was like an ancient therapy. As I relaxed I opened my eyes and looked down. Floating above the earth in that manor was very surreal. I began to move my body about. Stretching and swinging slightly.I moved in weightlessness for quiet a while. I soaked up the experience like a sponge. I slowly started to feel my self letting go completely. I was at the mercy of my pain. I felt my eyelids become heavy and my body no longer could move. Then I realized that I was beginning to go unconscious. My head fell foward and the last thing I heard was "Her eyes are rolling in her head". I vaguely remember the trip down. I was being held and I remember the sound of the chain and the pulley in background. I came to in a couple of seconds and the first thing I thought was, I did it. I did it and I enjoyed it. I had the feeling that I had just performed a rite of passage. This was a beginning of a new chapter of my life. This became the first of many suspensions that I would perform. From this experience I have gone on to perform a superman suspension (Ten hooks 10g), Knees suspension(Four hooks 8g two hooks each knee), and another suicide suspension (Four hooks upper back 8g). I have also have done what is called a Tug. Two people both with two (8g) hooks from the upper middle of the back, bungie cords connect them. All of these I have enjoyed and all started with one suspension. I am now a member of ATRI (Assention Through Ritual Intensity). It is a suspension group that in based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our group is fairly small but is always open to expanding. We meet once a month and possibly more depending on circumstances. I will always remember the first time. Nothing is like the first time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Steve+Truitt%2C+Mike+Burgfalk
Studio: Steve+Truitts+House
Location: Albuquerque%2C+New+Mexico

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