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Alligator Clip Fun

Alligator Clip Fun This is my second BME story; my other is a story about my hand-web piercing (removed unfortunately). This is all about the fun you can have with alligator clips, the smaller ones (NOT the ones used on jumper cables), often called roach clips, to the potheads out there :-p.

Anyway, I'll start by letting you know how I started playing with them. I was

stuck in summer school (blech) and we were given a small amount of work that day, and i had finished early. It was a science course, so we had plenty of gadgets and gizmos that I had to play with while waiting for dismissal. I picked up a bundle of alligator clips (about 2 ½ inches long each, they had a electrical wire coming out of one end, leading to another clip), and out of curiosity, I clipped one on the back of my hand. Feeling the light pain surge up my arm, I registered it in my brain as FUN!!...he he... So I took a few more back to my desk and took the ones I had on the back of my hand off (I put a few more on before I picked up more, a short row). And thought of a place to put a row of them, I decided the back of my left forearm. I began clipping, I put a row about 15 or so side-by-side on the back of my forearm and adjusted them accordingly so to make a perfect row. Feeling the delightful pain, I slumped back in my chair and let people gawk (an added enjoyment). I observed how much the pain was at different times, and how it felt to move around. I tried letting them dangle and swinging them back and forth (trying to avoid people wanting to rip them off.... assholes...), I turn my arm so the skin they had been attached to folded over. After about 20 minutes or so, the pain had mostly left, so I thought about putting more on, but in a different spot.... Leaving ones on my forearm on, I picked up a few more and clipped them in a circle around my left wrist. I had 8 or 10 on there, with much, much, much, more pain involved on the underside since the skin there is much more sensitive. And I did the same to them, as I did to the ones on my forearm, seeing how, what I did, felt. I noticed more pain, but overall, nothing different. I left it all on for quiet a while until curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to take them off to see the results. I looked over my arm, deciding which ones to start with, looking how deep the teeth of the clips had burrowed in, and began at the top of the line on my forearm closest to my hand. Let me tell you, the feeling of pulling those things off, and removing the teeth of the clips was amazing. Painful relief. One by one, I took them out. Once finished I looked at my forearm, so see a looooong row of raised skin. The skin that the clips were clipped to was still raised, creating a awesome wing look. Where the clips were there was about 10 very small red dots for every clip. The teeth of the clip had created these when digging into my skin. Next I removed the ones on my wrist, they hadn't been on nearly as long as the others, but the result was nearly the same, just to a lesser extreme. The dots created by the clips create scars for about a month or so, and then they fade into non-existence. Great fun though, so I recommend this little "fetish" to anyone to enjoys a little pain. Since then, I've bought some of my own alligator clips and can't get enough. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I should put these next, drop me a line, my e-mail address should be around here somewhere. I'll be getting some pictures into BME soon, so keep looking, I have no clue as to where Shannon will put them, as to what category. To be honest, I'm not sure if this has a category, but I'm sure he'll find something. In conclusion, alligator clips have more than....two uses, at least three that I can thing of: Holding your roach ( :-p), Conducting electricity, and Body Modification. Please, if you try this, make sure your alligator clips are sterilized, infection is the last thing you people need. Luckily I didn't get any infection my first time, seeing as how these were used for science experiments. Anyway, I should stop before I begin to babble. Good luck and happy modifying! Much Peace and Love, Raze


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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