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sex scars

Well well well were to begin.. I suppose the story starts when I started seeing this girl. We had all ready talked quite a bit about alot of things and since it seemed to me that we'd started to get to know each other pretty well I thought that it was about time that I told her that I was a masochist. This is always a hard thing for me to say because I am never quite sure what kind of reaction I should expect (my experiance has taught me that the way my mind naturally works freaks some people out), but hey, why suffer in silence (or not suffer as the case may be). So I finally got up the nerve and I told here half expecting her to get weirded out, but to my surprize she was more interested than anything else so I felt at ease and cofortable enough to explain what it was all about. Once the realationship progressed to sexual level I was pleasently surprised one day by her long sharp nails digging into my back. Afterwards as we were lying in her bed I remarked- "Wow, that felt amazing, you must have been with a mosochist before" aparently she had not, but she had always been very violent in bed which had attracted only negative attention in the past. Understandbly we were both very happy; we each had an out-let for our disires to be realized without worrying if each other was comfortable or not. Soon after that she started biteing me as well, now I should clarify this right now, I am not talking about a couple of scrapes an a little bruise from a smurf bite, I am talking about breaking skin and drawing blood, which obviosly resulted in some heavy scaring all over my back, shoulders and sides. We are still together so I guess that makes me a work in progress. I love the scars because they are a constant reminder of her, the one draw back to them is that I'm never going to be able to go swimming with my grand parents ever again unless I can think up a really good lie/excuse. As for how the scars themselves look, it is basically a road map of chaos. Some are pink, some are white, some are a tan color and I think the longest one is about three inches, and they're all different shapes. One of them healed quite strangly because it is three dimentional- which I thought was rather odd. My plan is to keep building on my collection so it becomes so layered that my entire back is scar tissue, a feat I have already acheived on my left arm over the years. I am also planing on adding other kinds of scars such as burns to the equation and possibly tattooing a few sections. The healing I don't really pay attention to since it is on my back, but they feel extremly good right away (when there fresh) and also even more so when I have a shower right after. My girl friend has a few spots picked out that see the most action; my love handles and my shoulder blades, and those wounds feel great when they get re-opened which happens almost every time. I have not gotten any scarification professionaly done but doing it myself and and with a little help from my friends I must say is pretty fun. Allthough the art work is not the best, at least they all have a story behind them not unlike this one. Now I suppose it is time to get very very discriptive. The first time she rammed her nails deep into my flesh it was such a shock that I did not really get to enjoy it, but once I realized what was going on I tuned in and turned on my pain receivers (I dont know about other masochists but for me to fully enjoy and apreciate any kind of pain I need to open my mind and really focus on the area and every single second of the experiance), once I did this I was in compleate and utter ecstacy. If you can't relate to this it is like savoring the taste of you favorite food as if for the first time at the same moment that you are compleatly sexualy fufiled in every way. Sounds good does it not? I have no idea how long and boring this must be, so I will just wrap it up here, I would have told my septum piercing story which is also a little bit interesting but I thought this story might be a little more unique, but hey mabey this is common practice and I just did not know it. Thanks for reading my ramblings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: my+girl-friend
Studio: all+over+the+place
Location: dartmouth%2C+nova+scotia

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