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Things that happen

Well me and my X ( John )were all excited he got about 15 play piercing needles. he decided to like eat something calm down adn maybe watch some TV. So we did but it kept comming up about me wanting to do it now. So he gave in after 15 minutes of The Simpsons. He cleans my arm with some anti barterial stuff and said "you can just poke it in the skin a bit takea deep breath and push. So i did it sorta stinged then went right through. I was like wow. I though it would hurt. Then he decided he would do it to himself on his arm. Then we were topless and and decided to do 2 on each of my breasts. Then it got fun.. The needles were 14 gg I think. He thought it looked freaken kewl. The onlything was we couldt find his camra. We had film. he got really fustrated. He calmed down then i decided to pierce his chest it was funny. Hes chunky so he had man boobs. So it was all good. The 4 that were in my chest were in for about 30 mins. I got mad I wanted to move around a bt more so I took them out. Then I guess my body was like hmm another piercing meh. So I guess they started to heal. I took them out and it started to bleed. It driped down my chest on to my stomach i was like hmm alright. I did't want to take out the one in my arm. John decided to take out the ones in his man boods. He didt hardlt bleed at all grrr. I cleaned up and then out friend Sasha came over. She had never been pierced in her life. Shes sorta a pussy. So she wanted to do one and if it hurt we were to take it out ASAP or she would kill us. John cleaned the spot and he pushed it in a bit and she yalpped. We took it out and tryed again. she wanted to do it herself and she took about 100 deep breaths and pushed saprise saprise. SHe did it and she said it didt hurt. So then she wanted to do a few more. She ended up with 4 in her arm. We laughed at her after shes like i want this done and this and this. Then she wants to take them out she has to go pee. So i said " take them out your self i dont hurt to much, I take my arm one out to at the same time." I went slower then she did by the time I got mind out all hers were out. she went pee. She ran out and said im bleeding hardcore is this normal... I said look at my chest i showed her. Then she wanted to do them on her chest. John gave her one more i think we had one left after that. She put it through she said it stung and hurt a bit. She kept it in for about 10 mins then pulled it out. Hers bled more then mine did. So we got the first aid kit and put a gauze on. John took out the one in his arm. It bleed a bit since it was in there awhile. Dumb kid. I Sasha had to go since she just stoped by to hang out till her shirt at Robins Dohnuts. She left and we played PLay station till about 2 AM. Then we watched the Shinning and I fell asleep. around 6 am. I woke up with tender sport on my arm and chest. they look sbrused. John ws sleep agenst my legs. and his chest looked brused as well. So then around 10 AM I left and went home. That day I looked at my raw looking spots and poked them. One was eww it got a pit of puse in it. It looked growse and suff for about a week it didt look happy and John told me. We might not have cleaned it proaperly. THank god it was on my arm it scared and not my chest. My chest ones look great only a little red marks. I was happy abou that. I am definatly going to do it again sometime soon maybe. John can get some more cheap since he werks at a piercings shop. So its all good. I enjoyed myself alot and to you the person reading this. Wo has never done play piercing. Its not as bad as it looks. Its not as painful as you think and its fun you get the rush you get. THe one you want to go to bed after a piercing... You should try play piercings its so much fun. I think its better then getting a piercing.. Hmm maybe not... Thanx for reading this .. Hopfully Im a good enough writer..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: My+X+boyfriend
Studio: sorry+it+was+a+home+job
Location: Westcoast+canada

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