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The mind, The hooks, and The passion

When I first saw a picture of a suspension....I was in awe. I couldn't get it out of my head....I thought about it before falling asleep and then once again when I would wake up. After a few months I decided to look more into the whole suspension movement. I would absorb as much information possible about it. I would look at as many pictures as possible, read all the experiences; it became my mission to figure out why people were doing this? What drives a person to such extreme measures? Is there a spiritual factor? Or is it just for entertainment reasons? It came clear to me that there was no one answer. Additionally there are conflicting answers. My conclusion was that not only is every person who suspends offers a unique perspective, but every suspension that person did was unique as well and held a different meaning. The one theme that unified all these experiences was the fact that they were (almost) always 100% positive. I never gave much thought of doing it on my own. I'm not sure when it hit me. One day I just decided that it was something that I had to do. I wanted it so bad. I logged onto the new www.suspension.org website and posted a message on the forum asking if anybody was doing suspensions in Toronto, Canada. I luckily was moving to Toronto for a university co-op. Within a half day there was a response that a group had just assembled in the Toronto area; this was iwascured (www.iwascured.com) . I immediately went to the site and sent them an email declaring my interest in a suspension. Time passed and I moved to Toronto..and within 2 weeks I was at the Victoria Day BBQ and so was the iwascured team. I finally got to see a suspension in person and it affected me in a powerful way. I could feel the concentration and focus of the performers. It was a truly moving experience. Right then and there I knew I was ready to go up. I told myself that July 1st I would hang. In june, I let Phil know that I wanted to suspend and I thought I was set until iwascured announced that they would only suspend people who had pulling/suspension experience...I was disappointed...but not at all deterred. I looked at it positively, and knew that my day would come. The BBQ was on Sunday, and the Thursday night before I get a message from Phil asking me if I still wanted to suspend. I let him know what I wanted and It was set; I would do a private suspension the day of the BBQ. That weekend was pretty nerve wracking...I ate well, I slept well, I thought a lot....I basically prepared myself mentally for what would be a life altering experience. Sunday morning I woke up at 6:00am. I was completely awake. I was not tired. I was not hungry. I was not hot. I was not cold. I was not scared. I was ready. I laid in bed in deep thought...never once doubting my commitment to the suspension. At about 8, I got up and started getting my things together, checking my messages on IAM to make sure there were no change in plans. I grabbed my bike, and left. I stopped at McDonalds for a hashbrown, drank more water, and continued to shannon's house. When I got there at 8:45 there was already a small group of people there. I found out that two other IAMers where going to hang that morning as well. We talked for a while waiting for the iwascured team to arrive. They got there soon enough and immediately began setting up. Phil talked to each of us, offering us much needed support. I didn't really want to go first...I'm not sure why...I was just really nervous. I was the only one doing a horizontal (superman) suspension, so It was decided I would go last. It takes quite a while to prepare for this type. Monstar ended up going first. As soon as he was up, I knew I was ready for this. I immediately went up to the piercers and told them I wanted to start prepping right away. We went inside because it was a little cold and started.... Dustin and Ashly were the piercers. They are awesome. It took about 20 minutes to do all the piercing. I was pierced 10 times with 10 gauge needles. The needles were followed with 9 gauge hooks prepared by Phil. I had tommyt taking the pics for me. I hadn't brought anyone with me because I was pretty new to Toronto and didn't have any friends who would want to see a suspension there. Tommyt was really cool to take my pics and stick with me from hook 1 right to the end. Each one of the piercings hurt, especially the ones in the legs. But it didn't matter. I was really focused...I never got dizzy or felt sick or anything. I was just pain...which I could handle. I was fed high sugar juice and some of Shannon's chocolate bars to keep my sugar up. I laid on the floor for about 5 minutes before I was ready to go outside. This was amazing. I walk out that door and I could feel all eyes on me. I'm walking around with 10 big hooks spanning from head to toe and my trusty water bottle. I waited a few minutes until everything was tested for safety and the ok was given. Everyone was really cool and supportive which is very important. I laid down and got hooked up to the rig. When they said it was ready. I said "put me up"...and holy shit was that ever a fucked up feeling. It felt like tension. It felt like pain. It felt good. I was up maybe a foot in a matter of a few seconds. I told them to put me up so that my arms couldn't touch the ground because that was really weird. Once I completely cleared the ground...It felt much better. All pain disappeared. Actually...all physical feeling disappeared. For the first time in my life, my body became less important than my mind. It's impossible for me to explain it...I wish I could. I stayed up about 10 minutes or so but to me it felt like so much more. That's another thing I noticed that changed...time. Time slowed down for me. I was one with my mind and time didn't exist as far as I was concerned. Thanks for Phil and Martini for holding my hands...keeping me from uncontrolled spinning and offering focus and well someone to talk to. I did a little spin at the end for the crowd. Couldn't help but provide some means of entertainment...gotta have some fun. I started getting some shakes in my right arm because I was cold but I didn't feel the cold. So it was time to come down (at my request). Coming down was really strange, I remember feeling a little freaked out to be taken out of my little utopia and plunged back onto earth. It's hard to explain but I was really in my own little world and I was happy there. When I hit the ground, It felt like 200 pounds came down on top of me too...for about 2 or 3 seconds anyway...I started laughing. They unhooked me and I stood up and felt great. I went inside, got the hooks removed and got a nifty little massage to get the air bubbles out. I heard from everyone involved in the physical stuff that I had awesome skin for this. Good skin for piercing. Good skin for hanging. Good skin for not getting rice krispies. I am genetically gifted to suspend...right on! I'm writing this one week after the suspension. I can't emphasize how great I feel. The entire week I've been very positive about my life..more so than before. I'm smiling a lot and I'm happy. And I want to hang some more with iwascured. Thanks goes out to Shannon for BME, to iwascured for everything, and to the IAM community. Come visit my page http://iam.bmezine.com/?|triBal| and check out the 40+ pics of my suspension. I hope this experience will help others in deciding if they would like to get involved in the suspension community or even just help people get one step closer to understanding and making sense of it all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 July 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: iwascured
Studio: BME+BBQ
Location: Toronto%2C+Canada

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