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Burn baby burn...

It started with watching the "Discovery" channel, and seeing african american tribes using their own flesh as an symbol of some sort. They would do this by hot Bamboo and Indian Ink. So I went to a african store in the Tri-county mall, to purchase my own stick of bamboo, and went to "Hot Topics" to purchase Indian Ink. And I to "Lines Unlimited". Where my father is good freinds with a guy named "Danna." I came in with the supplies, he went to work. I sat in a chair for about 30 min as he heated the Bamboo. As soon as it got red hot, he pulled it away from the flame and pressed it against my chest... About this time I was screaming, kicking, and cursing. He hold it there for about 2 sec.(Which felt like an hour)and when he pulled away, it felt like the Bamboo was still in my chest. Just feeling a boiling sensation, he rubbed the Indian Ink on the burn. About that time I felt as if I was going to faint. Not feeling concious, he rubed more Indian Ink on it. So time for the second one on the oppisite chest. So tired from the first one I, dreded the second time around. But away we went, again waiting only 20 min.(Cause the Bamboo was still hot from the first marking'" He applied pressure to the first marking so the ink will stay in. Felling the pain on the first one, I barely felt the second one. But it still hurt like a bitch, and again he applied two coats of the Indian Ink. And he patched them up and out the door I went. Still feeling the pain, as if the Bamboo was still on me. I kept the bandage on for three days. About this time it has blistered over and they are looking great. two perfect little circles on both sides of my chest. I don't regret it from this day what I did, and I hope that everyone could give this a chance. Yes it hurt but pain is only tempuary, and the marking is forever. So go out to the store get the supplies you need and go to work. At a Parliar or at home, it can be done and should be done if you are into ritual or tribal cultures.

Well that is my story, andI hope you guys enjoyed it. I love sharing it with everyone, and I hope you can tell everyone about the expierence. Cause I don't feel bad about it and I don't I can take it all back cause it is a cool thing to do, cause it is unique, and not alot of people have it. We'll after reading this you guys should go get it done, it's not that bad and a lot of people ask me why I would do something like that to my body? I tell them that it's the spirit's body to and I need to mark it with me spirit. Cause I really believe in that spirit world stuff, cause thats another reason why I did the thing that I did. My Mom and Grandparents are very mad that I did that and always ask me why I did that, almost everyday. But I ignore them cause it is a part of my life and a part of what I beleive in. And I'm sure they would have done the same thing, cause we are just a part of a lifestyle. And I'm sure the tribes who do this kind of stuff dont ask eachother why they have done that? They ask eachother, how many more markings are you going to get? Cause it is a part of there lifestyle, just as it a part of mine. So I am probally going to get another set done and I am not going to regret what I will do. And Im sure if I get a BME membership,it will probally make me do something else crazy like tattoo my whole body or do that "Hanging by a hook" or something like that. So I am looking foreward this membership. And I also hopes it goes woorld wide, and everyone has there own "Tribe" or "culture". Which we do, but Im not going to get into that right now. So we all should think about why someone would do something like that before they put the other person down. And we are all unique in our own little way. Rather it's what color tie I should wear, or how many wholes I should get in my ear. It's all in the matter of taste and style. And everyones is going to be diffrent.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 June 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Danna
Studio: Lines+unlimited
Location: Reading%2C+Ohio

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