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Nape Peircing - I Ritualistic Journey

I have been a piercing enthusiast for the past 5 years. Like a fair chunk of the people that I know that have piercings done, I do it for the ritualistic side of the experience more than to decorate my body (however that is still a big part of it for me). This ritualistic nature of my piercings is why to date I have only had 4 done (My septum was my first, labrette was second, navel third, and now my nape). Although many times I have wanted to go into my local piercing studio to get something done, the only times I have been able to actually get myself there was when I was at a major turning point in my life. That is what led to my recent nape piercing experience. For the past two years I had been talking with Jay at Experience the Beauty about getting my nape pierced. Initially, we ran into problems getting the right type of jewelry for the piercing. Jason had been experimenting with nylon jewelry but was not sufficiently satisfied with the results as to use it on one of his customers. Because of this we kept putting off getting it done. That was until two weeks ago. A very close friend of mine was leaving for the summer and we decided to get something pierced together. This would be her first piercing, and she wanted to get something she could cover up if necessary, so we decided to get our navels pierced. It was on this visit to Experience the Beauty that Jason showed me that he finally had surface bars available for doing surface piercings. Seeing this, the pieces all finally fell into place. Aspects of my personal life had been falling a part and I found myself questioning where I was headed with various goals I had set for myself. For the past few months I had found myself struggling to get pointed in the right direction. Once again I had told myself I was going to start getting my act together and straighten things out. At first I thought it would be like all the other times and my motivation would fizzle out before I had accomplished anything. What I needed was something to mark this turning point, an experience to act as a guide post in my life history that would keep me going in the right direction. I realized that getting my nape pierced would serve as that guide post. I made the appointment with Jay for a couple of Saturday's later and set about preparing myself for this event. For the week leading up to my appointment I subsisted on a diet of fruits, vegetables and grains to help clean my system out and focus my energies. I began a regimen of stretching and breathing exercises at the start and end of each day and focused on where I wanted my life to go. The day before the appointment I began fasting, only drinking water. When I returned home from work that day, I took a short nap to refresh myself and then began the final preparation. I took a long hot shower to cleanse my entire body and then set out for the evening. I carried with me a backpack carrying my notebook and camera, and explored the downtown area well into the night. Many times I found myself sitting on fire escapes doing my breathing exercises, or lying on the ground looking at the stars, my mind wandering over the things I have done in my life and the things I still wanted to accomplish. Eventually it was 4:00pm on Saturday, I barely even noticed the passage of time. Before heading out to the studio I put on my headphones and played two very important songs to get me moving in the right direction. As I listened and felt the music, my body trembled as I forced all of my past frustrations out of my body. I then headed to the studio with a CD with the most important song in my life, in my hand. As I got to the studio, Jay asked me if I was ready (I had previously explained the nature of this piercing to him and he was quite excited). I went into the studio as he put my song on, and removed my shirt so that he could mark the placement of the piercing. He and his wife checked it a couple of times; they had me stand up to re-check the alignment, and then had me lie down on the table, face down. At this point Jay told me he wouldn't need my attention anymore and that I could just close my eyes and focus on whatever I needed to focus on. I closed my eyes as he set about clamping the skin, pulling it back to make sure he could get the piercing deep enough. I focused on the music playing, and pictured a distant place in the Universe, far separated from earth. An innocent, virgin patch of space. As I focused on this spot, it became clearer and clearer and the sensation of Jay clamping the skin began to fade out of perception. I began breathing, as deeply as I could and suddenly there was a burst of white light. A star was being born in this distant area of space. The light was so bright, and so white, that if you concentrated enough you could see all the different colors in it. I suddenly realized that the white light was the sensation of the needle breaking my skin. I let out a long breath and focused on the light, feeling the needle travel through my skin and out the other side. As Jay replaced the needle with the jewelry, I saw myself rushing through space back towards earth, to the point where I slammed back into my body as Jay tightened the last bead. Jay had me lie there until the song had finished and then asked how I was doing. I said I was great and that the experience was everything I had hoped it to be. He took a couple of pictures with his digital camera to show me the piercing. It looked great, just as I had hoped. He went over the usual aftercare instructions, and then gave me a hug and thanked me for involving him in the experiences, and told me he hoped everything turned out great. It has, and now I've got two little balls on the back of my neck to remind me of what I went through and where I'm going.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 May 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Jay
Studio: Experience+the+Beauty+of+Body+Design
Location: Winnipeg%2C+MB%2C+Canada

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