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play piercing fun

well, there i am over at my jeems' house. nothing out of the ordinary, except that he told me that he had gotten his play piercing needles in the mail that day. "cool", i thought. he asked me if i wanted to play, but my first reaction was, "no way! i'm not sticking myself with needles." despite the fact that i am pierced and tattooed. i'm deathly afraid of needles (the irony of it all, yes?) he gave me a needle anyway. i sat there contemplating whether or not i wanted to stick myself with a 20g needle. he sat there next to me...hesitant as well. finally, i just stuck my arm with the needle. i didn't push it through though. i looked over at jeems. "what will you give me if i push this through?" i asked him. he said i will be so proud of you if you did. sitting there hesitant to push the needle through i said, "ok". i closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and pushed the needle through. surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all. all i had felt was a pinch. kind of like someone pulling on your arm hair. jeems looked over at me and said,"oh my god, you did it!" he couldn't believe that i, a complete wuss and someone deathly afraid of needles, could push the needle through my arm. the rush of it was great. i just sat there with a bewildered look on my face and then smiled and said,"i want to do that some more!" i then got a few more needles and play pierced myself some more. it was exciting and new experience for me. i guess the adrenaline flowing through my body gave me the rush. jeems took some pictures,which are posted on my IAM page (http://iam.bmezine.com/iam.exe?Lou). i then looked down at the needles just poking out of my skin. kind of throbbing from the flow of blood there. i took a deep breath and pulled the needles out one by one. i thought,"hey, i'm not bleeding! cool!" HAH! was i wrong! it may have taken just a few seconds, but i started bleeding. it started dripping and running down the side of my arm. it was cold and sticky. i went to the bathroom and washed the blood off.

over the next few days, reminders of that day were left on my arm. i was proud of myself for getting the courage to do it. who knows what this will lead to in the future. :) i didn't stop play piercing after that day. about a week later, i took out some needles that jeems had given me and i let him pierce me. at first i was kind of nervous. not that i didn't trust him or anything. he tends to push the needles in deeper than i do and i was afraid of the pain. i wasn't sure if i was going to hurt more or less than the first time i play pierced. but, i gave him the needle and cringed as he came closer to my arm with it. i kept thinking over and over, "its just like getting pierced at the studio. its no big deal. you can handle it. don't be a pussy!" i looked down and the point of the needle was going in. my first reaction was,"ow ow ow!" then it was over. jeems had pushed the needle through my skin. there it was. just sticking out of my skin like it belonged there the whole time. i have to admit though, this one hurt more than the others. i think because i was thinking it hurt more because i had no control over it what so ever. that didn't discourage me from play piercing either. in fact i did some more play piercing today. at first i was kind of hesitant. (AGAIN). like i said before,"i'm a wuss when it comes to pain and i'm deathly afraid of needles...but i grinned and beared it. i pushed in nine 20g needles through my arm. i bled something fierce too! i never thought that i would ever do something like this in a million years. it may not be for everyone, but its something i tend to do more often. not only does it give me entertainment, but its also a tension reliever and more of a spiritual thing to me. i have just recently bought 2 more boxes of 20g needles from bmeshop. one box for jeems and one for me. i won't be like many of the people that sent in experiences and tell you all to "JUST DO IT!" or "YOU GOTTA DO THIS!", but i will say that i'm glad that i opened up my mind and let myself explore the different types of body modification.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: me
Studio: jeems%27+house
Location: arlington%2C+texas

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