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The Pain Within

In a world where being the same is encouraged, sometimes telling the system to go fuck itself is the only way to live. Everybody wants to wear their Abcrombie and listen to Matchbox 20 and if you don't then you are some goddamned freak. When did the world turn to crap? The 60's and 70's were all about not letting anybody tell you what to do. What the hell has happened to everyone??? Now I'm done ranting, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 20, and I have lived in an ultra conservative town in north Louisiana my whole life. We don't even get MTV for gods sakes. The bible belt sucks the gooey scum from the hair on my asshole (are we bitter??). I have always hated the stuff that most people considered "cool". Except for N'Sync, but that's another story (I AM NOT GAY!) I have always looked for something to define the ways I am different than everyone else. My music (Slipknot, Nonpoint, Taproot, Primer-55), tattoos (haven't found "the one" yet), piercings, and pain. Right now I am in the process of moving to New Orleans and open a recording studio. It will be called the nursery. I really want to get into the metal music scene down there. My goal is to produce bands and to have my own band one day. But for now I live in the exciting world of khakis and ties. As far as piercing go, I'm seeing how far I can go and keep working as a computer tech. I have 6ga plugs in my earlobes, and am planning to go up to 2ga tubes, add 2 more holes, do both eyebrows, and anything else I can hide. I know it sounds wussy to want to hide them, but there are 2 things that I do well, and music doesn't pay the bills (yet). I do all my piercing myself. My left ear started as a stud but I have stretched it over the past 2 1/2 years. I pierced the right one recently with a 12ga cattle needle. Instead of $40 at my local parlor, I paid $.98 and had to dig out my honing stones (those are for knife sharpening. Nothing sexual you pervs.) It is quite a rush putting a large needle through your body. If you haven't ever tried it, I strongly suggest it. As far as the stretching goes, I usually just get the bigger ring, grease it with Neosporin, and shove that bad bastard through my ear. Looks kinda gross, but chicks dig it. I have thought about getting my nipples pierced, but I don't have the kind of chest to be showing off(flab alert). My tongue is another strong possibility. I just need to save up the money. I also like to let out little pain in my life. I became intrigued with sticking needles in my body when I found a web site at work one day that sold medical supplies. Then, one day I was at the local big store getting a prescription, and saw a display for insulin syringes. I figured what the hell and bought a box. I told them that they were for my grandma's diabetes(sp?). I found sticking myself was kinda a rush. Fore some strange reason, after years of pain inside, I found that inflicting it myself felt good. For some odd reason, a friend of mine, a phlebotomist (blood tech like the people in plasma centers) showed me how to draw blood one night. That was very fun. I love to look at my blood after I have drawn it. I still to this day do not know why she taught me. Maybe she is a closet freak too. I also want to try a tens unit and other modern pain one day but they are some expensive shit. I've wanted to try more, but been weary without any kind of guide. Now I know of BME, I think my life will get much more interesting... Q. Why the hell is an ear piercing $40 where you live???? A. That's the price for a 6ga piercing. It's a very conservative area in which I live. They do so little business that they have to charge alot. (or they just might be assholes) Q. Where did you get the needle to pierce you ear? A. I bought it at a feed-n-seed store. It's where farmers buy supplies. If you don't live around farms, you can order sterile needles online. (NOTE: The needles at the feed store are NOT STERILE. YOU MUST STERILISE THEM PRIOR TO USE) Q. Piercing are expensive here too. Should I do my own? A. If you have to ask, then NO. I have been reading about piercing for a while now, and am weary about piercing anything other than my ear.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Myself
Studio: My+Bedroom
Location: Louisiana

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