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7th-grade play piercing!

My first play piercing was around Thanksgiving of my 7th grade year... that would have been a while ago... My uncle had taken me to the Hard Rock Café, and I had bought a couple of buttons, and they were in my pocket when I was getting ready for my shower. This is when naïve stupid me said, "Hey, this could go through my nipple." A minute later I had a Hard Rock Café button in my left nipple. Needless to say, it only stayed in a few minutes, but from that moment I was hooked. I know, it was a bad idea. (using the pin, that is.) Over the next few years I must have done at least forty play-piercing sessions on myself. A lot were just single pins in a nipple, or woven in and out of my chest. Not having hit BME yet, I didn't know that sterilized straight pins were VERY VERY VERY BAD for sticking in oneself.

Some gems that stick out in my memory: I think this one was during my freshman year. One night I had one pin in each nipple, and then a star of 8 pointing in to the center of my left one. Deep. I started each pin at the outside of my areola and went in to where it hit the firm center. Then I put a rubber band around the star... It was an exquisite experience. Heart pounding like crazy ­ probably one of the greatest adrenaline rushes of my life! And then my younger brother knocked on my door. So I flipped out, threw a T-shirt on, hid my stuff under my pillow and let him in. He just had to choose my most intense session to date to interrupt. That freaked me out so much that I had to pull everything out ­ I never got the chance to sit and savor the experience. sigh. And to add to the fact that I didn't get what I expected out of the experience, this was the first time I experienced any scarring. It's five years later, and my left areola still has bumps around the left side, where the needles were, and my left nipple itself is slightly larger and darker in color than the right one. And being a guy, it's not as easy to hide as it would be for a woman. Fortunately the difference isn't that pronounced. (If it had been, the gym locker room in high school would have been a very bad place for me!) It's an everyday reminder that we HAVE to use proper equipment. I progressed downwards, eventually coming to focus on the pubic area, above and to the sides of my penis. I wish I had a picture of the 7-point rising sun I did, with each pin doing two piercings aimed in toward my penis. It looked so amazing! (And the marks were much easier to hide from my cross-country teammates!) I even did light scrotal piercings twice, once with one, and once with three pins going under the line down the center. It's a good thing those didn't infect ­ I would have been so screwed. All through high school I felt like some sort of twisted sicko, enjoying piercing myself like this. I knew it felt good, but everything around me seemed to say "No, no! You're a self-injurer, you are sick, you need help, etc." Then, my junior year I discovered BME, and found out that I WAS NOT ALONE! This part of myself that I had to hide so completely was suddenly validated. I was not the only human being out there that finds the feeling of needles puncturing skin invigorating, even beautiful. And I learned that I was doing everything wrong ­ sterilizing with a flame, using sewing pins. I only wish I had found BME earlier- I would have avoided several unwanted scars, and more importantly would not have put myself at risk as many times. I haven't pierced myself in the last few years, since I didn't have any way of getting sterile needles, and I knew that using pins was really dangerous. I miss it. As soon as I can scrape together a few extra cents, I hope to get some permanent piercings... industrial, nipples, septum, frenum (to stretch to 4g or so), maybe a hand web, wrist, nape or some other surface stuff. Also considering doing a cutting or brand on my leg. I'd also like to suspend/hook pull/kavadi sometime. I'll admit it'll take me some time to get to that point though. For now, I think I'll just order some needles from the BME store (If you haven't yet, go check it out!) and try to rediscover play piercing. This time around, I'll be safe, sterile, and armed with a camera so I can share with the rest of this community! (That nipple star really deserved to be recorded for posterity!) Thank you BME!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 April 2001
in Ritual

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