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The Diverse Use Of Sharp Objects

Where to begin? I have always been an artist, expressing myself in a diverse variety of ways. As a child I would do works of art using the typical tools... Crayons.. Water Paints.. things of that juvenille nature. As I grew, As did my artistic experience. Constantly learning new techniques, and always excited to practice them, My art evolved rather quickly. My latest artistic discovery, or craving if you will, is that of the body modification sort. Piercings, Tattoos, Cuts, anything that can decorate the planes of your flesh. So as I sit in my room thinking to myself how I wish to modify myself today, Tahdah, An idea springs to my mind.. Pins.. the kind you use on diapers... So I grab myself a bunch of em and head off to the shower to "play with myself" ;) I have never really tried self piercing before so I was moderately anxious.. so I started with the first one. It was small and the needle was thin. I flinched slightly as its point penetrated my skin.. The pain was somewhat discouraging, but once it slid out of the other end of the skin, the feeling was wonderous.. It had traveled through about 2mm of skin... hmmm. Lets try another one. The second one was much more pleasant. The pain was much less noticeable and when completed ran 3mm length under the skin.. I then felt a desire for a third. As the third one penetrated my skin I didnt feel the pain, I felt pure satisfaction and when I finished with it it ran 5mm under my skin.. On the roll that I was, I went on to a fourth, this one the most painless of all. I completed it in but a few seconds and when it had made its corse through my flesh as the three before it, it ran a full half an inch under my skin. One left... this one was bigger.. like the second and fourth had been.. this one ran deeper than all the rest and I felt it come through on the other side of my skin, it was somewhat shocking to feel it completely pierce every layer of the skin, but in no way discouraging. In fact it was somewhat motivational, because I noticed that unlike the four before it the point moved with much more ease than the other four had because they hadn't went through my entire skin. So about .75 of an inch later I pierced the point through to the surface of my skin again. My left arm now adornig a downward flowing row of 5 pins, I filled with glee. How beautiful. And not a drop of blood spilled. Now as I sit here typing this experience I am smiling at the new ornaments that decorate my arm. ~sigh~ What I will probably do is leave them in for as long as humanly possible (if they get infected for some reason they're coming out though). I will add about ten or so on the lower segment of my arm and link them all together with a small chain. I will probably add about five more above the row that already exists as well. Another option I have been considering is running a sewing needle through the healed holes (when they heal obviously) and stitching all of the piercings together with black thread. In August, I plan to become certified by the state of Tennessee as a tattoo artist and piercer, and I feel that this is a crucial step in my growth to a true body artist. This goes beyond the realm of anger cutting and things of that mundane sort (not trashing artistic cutter, just those stupid kids who do it because they think they're cool.) and trancends in to the world of artistic body modification. I do notice that thelast piercing i did is somewhat more sore, and Im kind of curious if this is a common occurance or is this some form of bad sign thats trying to say "TAKE ME OUT?"..hmm..mm..mm.mm. I have another concept that I a debating. Perhaps doing more piercings on the same segment of the arm just moving slightly to the side for each new row of five untill the piercinngs surround that entire segment of my arm forming a sort of bracelet if you will and I could link all the segment with eh... two or three inch rings. Then from the bottom rings (there will be about four to six rings) I will drape a chain, silver of corse. From the arm piercing I will most likely expand and eventually do some facial piercing, but I can as long as I go to high school.. damn no facial piercing rule.. College will be the gateway to unleash the flood of my artistic expression and I truly long for it.. Tis but a few months, yet they will drag like an eternity. But for art, no wait is too long.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2001
in Ritual

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Studio: In+my+bathroom+actually...+in+the+shower....+%3B%29
Location: Tennessee

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