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"our bond"

OK, So me and my friends have this secret organization in which the name will remain annonymous and so will the people. It first started out in the 8th grade. There was four of us, and we wanted to start our own "group". But we wanted to do something to make it a life long commitment. So "ben" came up with the idea of branding something onto our bodies. This was when we were around the age of 18, we had a little logo, so ben with his artistic talents decided to use a soddering gun (sp) to do this. So one friday night we all stayed in at my place, just the 6 of us, and I asked everyone if they were ok with it and wanted to go through with it. I was a bit scared because i have never had a piercing or anything in my life. I once broke my baby toe in the 6th grade and i cried alot about that. But this was something that was going to be self inflicting. I never thought that i would ever do anything like that at all. I wasnt a conservative kid but i also was not "extreme". We sat there and talked about how much it is going to hurt and we planned out this whole ritual to have it done. We did our "secret hand shake" and then one person would get it done and would have to let it burn for a few minutes, just so we could take the pain be cause this "group" meant alot to us. So everyone was drinking except for me and "ben" cause we are straight edge. But for that very moment I kind of wished that I was drinking cause they say you cant feel the pain as much when you are drunk. Ben volunteered for me to go first. I didnt really want to go first because I was the only person in the group that didnt have any piercings or tatoos. But since everyone else was being a wuss about it i thought it was my turn to proove my "manhood" (whatever that means). So I shook everyones hand and took my shirt off and got ready for the brand. I could feel the gun getting closer and closer to my chest, and my pulse was going a mile a minute. Oh ya, We chose to have the brand on our chest because we wanted it to be close to our hearts cause this friendship and organization meant alot to all of us. So before the gun got really close I took some ice and put it on my chest and made sure it was good and cold. I felt the pain for a few minutes then had to run to the shower and put cold water on it. Fuck it hurt. I screamed at the top of my lungs and everyone was laughing at me. Including ben. Since ben volunteered me to be first i thought he should go second. And i had the honours of burning his flesh.ha ha ha. It seems like i wanted to do it to get him back for burning me in a sense but really it was all part of our friendship. Ben actually cried when i did it to him, ha ha ha., I laughed at him as well what a wuss. We finally got everyone done, and we all ran and jumped in my swimming pool and cooled off for the night. The brand is still there on us, a little bit faded but still there. My doctor once asked me what happened and i said it was a birth mark, but i dont think that he believed me. If the brand ever fades i think we will all do it again or possibly get a tatoo to replace it because i am not sure that all of us would want to go through with the experience again. We have grown a part due to schooling and work but still make time to meet together and do the things that we did when we were younger. It was a very interesting experience and we will always have that special bond going strong. I no have started to get some piercings and soon to get a tattoo. I am not sure whether we are going to recruit more members to this group or not, or even how to go about picking new members. Ah well, we have years to decide. And one day maybe YOU will be a part. You might think i am fuct up but i guarantee there are wierder people on BME. Not wierdo, jsut more willing people who are into some very wierd stuff. I hope to get more piercings done but i think i will let a professional do it this time. XXX


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Feb. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: %2ABen%2A
Studio: Bathroom
Location: London%2C+Ontario

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