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My First Play Piercing

I had gone to a private party in a warehouse owned by friends of a friend and

put on by a local piercer who, at the time, I'd only met once before. The night was run as an order of several participatory 'events' between consenting adults. It started with play piercings, and worked it's way through and up to several different things, including cheek spearing, energy pulls, group pulls, suspensions, cuttings, etc. It was thrown as a way to thank those that had helped to create a sense of community amongst those with interest in piercing, tattooing, body modifications, and ritual that had all become part of this big circle of friends in one way or another. The first order of the night was to be six individuals getting pierced 300 times each by three piercers at a time. There were six 'stations' with placement trays, gloves, play piercing needles/pins, a mat to lay or stand on, and three piercers waiting by it. I was handed an envelope and told to take it to one of those groups. We were all to be pierced by people who hadn't pierced us before, and piercers that hadn't worked together before, as the whole idea was both to have fun and to foster the sense of community by getting the 'strangers' at the party to meet each other & interact. I took off most of my clothing and was handed an envelope containing an 'assignment' to take to one of the stations of piercers. I walked over to a station and handed it to a guy from Portland, there with a guy who pierces in Phoenix, and a girl who pierces in Eugene. They opened the assignment and it was a drawing of a torso with 3 concentric circles one inside the other and so on, like a target. They were to line 300 needles in this pattern. They used a sterile pen and drew dots where each pin would go. At first I thought I'd want to stand, so I remained standing as they washed me off and got their gloves on in preparation. They decided to have two people pierce at a time and the third person would hand needles over and wipe up any bleeding that happened. As they got going I was asked to begin taking rhythmic deep breaths so that they could push the needles in at corresponding times and speeds that would work well with the contraction and expansions of my chest and stomach. One person would pierce a needle on an inward breath, the next on an outward breath. I had been drinking coffee all day and no water and quickly got lightheaded. I wasn't sure if it was caused by dehydration or the intense sensations, so I decided to lie down. I took a big drink of water and the lightheadedness quickly subsided. As the piercings continued in the rhythmic pattern, I began to feel a tingling throughout my entire body. This was partly because of the focus on continued deep breathing (much like the effects of Hatha yoga I would guess) and partly my body's reaction to the continued piercing sensations. At this point, early on, I could feel the entry poke, the motion through tissue, and the exit poke as well. It was very pleasurable and I was very comfortable because the piercers were obviously very experienced and aware. They were very considerate and attentive to my reactions. I started then to get very hot, not sweaty exactly, but did feel far warmer than I should have being practically naked in a big open warehouse. The music of 'Coda' was playing, and I have heard Coda while on intense psychedelics and DMT derivatives, so I knew pretty well how to compare the effects on mind and body to that of psychedelics by focusing on my interpretations of the Coda music. This went on for about 30 minutes and then the heat changed to a cold sensation as they began to reach the more sensitive places they had to pierce. There was one kneeling on either side of me, slowly piercing their way around the circles they had drawn. I was looking at the lights and focusing on the sounds of my breath and the feelings of the piercings and felt a slow rising tide around this time, of energy and focus. Things seemed really clear and even the most trivial sights were of interest, much like a psychedelic experience. I was able to gaze at the tiniest point and move over the surfaces around me with my eyes as if I had zoomed in with a camera. I didn't go into any kind of trance state at all, quite the opposite. I was very intently focused on the moment and the reality about me. I felt very calm and extraordinarily soothed simultaneously by the feeling of all the needles going into me one by one. This was most prolonged piercing 'high' I'd so far experienced. They picked up the pace of the piercing and I of my breathing and they began to push in two needles at each time. One of them switched to the handing job and another began to pierce. They were at the top & bottom now of the outermost circle. On the inward breaths, both would pierce, then both would pierce as well on the outward breaths. I got colder and colder so they put a sweat jacked over my shoulders and head, and a coat to cover my legs. This didn't seem to help and I kept getting colder and colder. I touched my nose and it was really actually cold. I started even to shiver. My pride caused a bit of embarrassment about it, so I asked them if this was a regular thing that I would be shivering like this. They assured me that it's a fairly common occurrence for many people. The body can go into a mild state of shock and it gets cold because of that. I began to notice that I could no longer feel all the pins that were already in. I could feel only the inward motion of the needles they were touching. I was a bit numbed I guess. I couldn't feel the outward poke except on the pins that were closer to my ribs and sides. They made it to my nipples and pierced both simultaneously on an outward breath. That was one of the most pleasurable moments of it all. I smiled and laughed a bit. I've always loved having my nipples pierced and have done them with everything from sewing needles to hypos to safety pins, but never both at once. It was nice. Soon they had finished. Three concentric circles inside each other made of three hundred pins were in my torso. I was still cold but the cold was going away. I was no longer shivering. I was of course a bit more relaxed now since the sensations were subsiding as the pins simply sat rather than continuing to be pushed in. I stiffened my legs and two of them took my left and right hands. The other stood behind me and I was lifted up rather than standing, which would've moved the pins in a bad way. I stood and walked around for 20 or 30 minutes looking at the others who had been pierced. All of the stations had been given different 'assignments' so all the pierced people looked different. One guy was done all with vertical placed pins, some in his eyebrows, lips, forehead, all around his arms, legs, etc. Another guy was pierced all in triangle patterns, another with a big spiral on his torso. A girl was done all with zig-zagging diagonal lines, and I don't think I saw the 6th person. We all had our pictures taken and then the pins taken out. The removal was really pleasurable too. Two of them pulled the pins out. They started one at a time then began pulling two and three pins out at once. I was like a Sufi master we joked, because I bled very little. A little trickle here, a little drop there. This wasn't like a tickling sensation, but closer to that than any other thing it'd be compared to. It was like being untied out of hundreds of loose knots. It felt good to be able to move around again. I looked in the mirror to see rings of little red dots all over by chest and belly...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Feb. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Jay+and+two+others%2C+names+I+can%27t+recall
Studio: The+Itisness+Warehouse
Location: Portland%2C+OR

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