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First suspension.

First, let me start by saying I've always been intrigued by suspensions. I've viewed various Photographs and movies that dealt with the act. I did a lot of research on the subject, and I've witnessed in person, people being suspended. Since around the age of 15 I've always told friends "yeah, one day I'm gonna do a public suspension!" No one believed me! I joked around about it with my mom, who always replied, "You're a sick child." My dad was always the anti-body-mod. Well, one day, a bleak and boring October day, I was at a fetish show watching people receive and give cuttings, piercings, tattoos, and the like. (Spell check says piercings isn't a word?!?) I happened to walk by a section of the show where a young girl of 17 was getting her back tattooed. (A lovely dragonhead with a lion's body going from her lower back to her shoulder blades) We started chatting and she mentioned a suspension act she once did. Needless to say I was very amazed, and intrigued that this young, pale, and frail looking girl actually went through with a suspension! So I got her number and continued on my tour. Later in the week, I finally got around to calling her up. We became close friends and she nagged me about going through with my first suspension. I kept putting it off saying "I don't have time." And all those other excuses people use. A couple years later, when the day I turned 18 she convinced me to go through with a suspension. For months, we planned the performance, got everyone that would help out, and built the rack. I spent every day and night preparing myself for the decisive moment. Would I go through with it, or let everyone down, waste my money, and chicken out. Sarah, the one with the back tattoo, got in touch with Chad, Mark, and Jason and they agreed to help out Chad and Jason, being the ones that did Sarah's suspension, did most of the construction and picked the right equipment. Nylon ropes, Scary hooks, stainless steel everything etc. Finally we had everything set up, a local venue said we could perform the suspension there, during an annual fetish show. Well, I was pretty damn nervous, and scared something would go wrong. That's when Murphy's law kicked in! The venue had to cancel the show because of they got busted selling liquor with an expired license. I suppose it worked out fine, because Sarah and I decided it would be more of a memorable experience if we both suspended on the same day we actually met. By this time, Sarah and me were seeing each other seriously, and I was thinking of asking her to marry me. For the next few months, we built another rack, searched for a place to hold the event, and prepared our bodies with tons of happy thoughts. I was actually excited that she would share the experience with me and I wouldn't have to face it alone. October 31, Halloween night. A club called Dissension, tons of people expecting to see two lovers suspend. Sarah calm and smiling, while I was nervous, scared and shivering. The time came for us to lie on the mats. Chad applied the marks on my back while Jason applied the marks on Sarah's back. Someone in the crowd pushed to the front and handed us both a rose pedal while saying she wished she had the guts to do it. Chad started to insert the hooks into my back while Jason worked on Sarah. Meanwhile Mark Gave us encouraging words and made us smile with random comments about swimming pools and latex. I closed my eyes as the hooks were being placed into my flesh, and after the third insertion, I began to feel a very pleasing high. My head swam with thoughts of perfection and bliss, while my body tingled with a numbness I can't recall ever having before. The crowd loved the moment and so was I. Over the speaker system, I asked for "After the Flesh", by " The Thrill Kill Kult" To be playing full volume during the procedure. I was singing the song in my head when Mark asked, "You two lovebirds ready to hang?" For some reason those words sent a chill down my spine and I started to chicken out. I was way beyond the turning back point, so I sucked it up, and firmly replied, "Pull us up." During the lifting, my body felt like I was going to be ripped in two. Soon after, I was in a state of complete serenity and ultimate bliss. I couldn't feel my body, my mind was clear, clean and free, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I couldn't hear the music, the crowd, or anything else except my own thoughts. (Unfortunately, I can't remember what I was thinking.) My body began to get cold, and I was shivering violently after 21 and a half minutes. (We timed.) I asked to be let down and unknown to me at the same time Sarah was feeling the same way. I noticed that my crotch was wet and warm, so after they cleaned me up and applied the proper wound coverings, I went to the restroom and checked. I actually had an orgasm while being suspended in the air. After I returned Sarah told me, she too had an orgasm and was shocked to learn that I also had one. The show went great, the crowd loved our performance and I finally went through with something I had been dreaming of doing for some time. Since we did out suspension act, Sarah and I have been closer than ever. That night on the stage, we bonded as no other couple has ever bonded. We share something together that can never be taken away, and we have a memory of being in perfect bliss together. I recommend any couple out there that might be reading this to consider Doing a couple suspension. It's a very personal experience and it's the greatest thing I can think of to share with your significant other.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Feb. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Chad%2C+Sarah%2C+Mark%2C+and+Jason.
Studio: No+studio.+Just+a+Club.+%28Dissension%29
Location: FL%2FGA+border.

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