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fishing line cradle (a pseudo-suspensio)

Ok, I know this is probably going to piss at least one person off. But, what can I say? I?m gonna share it anyways. Ever since I first saw suspensions I have been curious of this extreme ritual. Then, when I discovered BME, a whole new resource came to life for me. After researching the topic, checking in at the TSD website, reading some books like Modern Primitives, and really researching the life of Fakir Musafar, I really had a yearning for experiencing this. However, I really don?t have enough connections to do it right. And I am not about to go up to my local piercer and tell her to skewer me up. But my curiosity was still there. Because I was so curious, and at the advice of a friend, I decided that if I really wanted to do this I would wait one year. If in one year, I was still interested, I would arrange to go through with a suspension the right way. But I really wanted a sneak preview. But what could I do. Well, an appeal about suspension to me was the fact that the body (the actual skeleton, organs, insides, etc.) are really totally unsupported, and it is one of the closest things to floating or feeling weightlessness that I could imagine. Note, also, the body?s reaction to pain and its? effects are also very interesting. Anyways, I tried to figure what could I do to try to get some idea of what this could be (on a very minimal scale, of course). So, I began thinking. Well, because I knew I wasn?t about to run hooks through my body just yet, I knew I had to support myself somehow. With this in mind, I felt that the only way to do it was to figure a way to support myself with the least amount of surface area as possible. To complicate things even more, I knew I really couldn?t include anyone else at the time because I was staying at my parents? house. With that in mind, I knew I would either have to be able to lower myself onto supports, or somehow hoist myself onto them. Even for an engineer, it?s tough to figure something like this out to support my 230lb self. Finally, I finally figured out how I?d do it. I?d devise a type of cradle using fishing line. Well, the night finally came, and I decided I?d do it. At about 11:30 I went into my parents? basement and started running eye bolts with very coarse threads into the beams of the ceiling above. I ran four sets of eyes so that I would essentially be supported by four lines. The eyes were spaced so that the lines would be running across the back of my neck, directly behind my chest, right below my buttocks, and behind my knee. Unfortunately, I could only find 25lb test line. This led me to eventually having to run through the cradle three times with one very long line. I figured, 3 lines x 25 lb x dispersed over 4 areas = 300lbs that could be supported. I thought this was a pretty safe bet. Anyways, I finally evened out the lines to be pretty much of equal length for each section to be supported, I lubed the eye bolts so the lines could adjust easier. Keep in mind that this was a totally dynamic system. Meaning, that if one area went up, one area went down. I was actually impressed with myself here. At any rate, now I had to get onto this bad boy. That was no easy task. My first attempt was to lower myself from a rope I tied to the ceiling. I tried that, but it just didn?t work. My angles were too awkward, and I just didn?t have enough upper body strength to do it correctly. After many failed attempts, I was really getting nervous, and kinda panicked. My biggest fear, was that my folks would wake up and come down to the basement to find their son tangled up in fishing line and dangling from the ceiling. They?d flip. Anyways, I finally bucked up and adjusted the entire rig so I could pretty much fall back into the cradle from standing up with little ease. I did have to readjust after I was set up, but there I was, finally laying in the cradle of fishing line. I must say it hurts more than you think! Imagine supporting 230 lbs (104 kg) on no more than .36 sq in (2.32 sq cm) Needless to say, it did result in some pretty nasty cuts in my back and neck. But, like I said, I was finally up. I was as weightless as I?d ever been (except under water) After the pain faded and I was left with this feeling of everything, accomplishment, adrenaline, worry, and just a sense of freedom. It was pretty neat. I did lose track of time after a while and must have hung for at least 10 minutes or so, but it certainly was something. Not as fulfilling as I had hoped, but that may be due to the exhausting setup and all of that frustration. Unfortunately the experience was cut short when the line snapped and I fell onto the mattress I had laid below. That was really a shock, but I didn?t have to worry about getting down. All in all, I remember the whole thing as a feeling and nothing more, words can?t really describe what I felt from it. I dunno, I really can?t describe the whole emotion behind it. It was a combination of everything physical and emotional and even of accomplishment. But thanks for reading this tame ritual, and I?d love to hear from any of ya. Later


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Feb. 2001
in Ritual

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