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Warrior Couple Ritual Scarification

Back in 1996, I had a very strange girlfriend. To preserve anonymity, I'll call her Junebug. We met at a nine inch nails concert. She was dancing all cute to "closer" and I went right up to her and put the moves on. For the first time EVER, my "moves" worked. I was so happy when I called her three days later and she wanted to go out. She had lots of tattoos and piercings, while I just had one ear, which was the fashion back then (haha). Junie had a black cat on her shoulder, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan on her butt, and a bunch of tribal on the arms, leg and lower back. She had her nose, tongue, and eyebrow pierced. After we had been together for about 3 months, she started to talk about adding "pain" to our sexlife. Junie had previous scarification experiences, but I was a 'virgin' to it all. I thought about this for a little while, and was rather apprehensive about it to tell you the truth (call me a pussy if you want). I really liked June and wanted to make and keep her happy. I even got my tongue pierced for her because she said it was sexy. After the tongue piering being not so bad, I decided to see what she was looking to do painwise. When I told her that I'd be up for anything, she started making up detailed plans of what we'd do. She called it her "Pain for Love" ritual.
When the day of the ritual came (on a new moon of course), I went to Junie's after dark. My girl was waiting for me with a bunch of candles, some rubbing alchohol, and a few razor blades, laid out on a piece of velour next to the fireplace. She told me not to speak, and laid me down on the "altar" that she had made (a picnic table with a bigger piece of velor draped over it).
Then she said a bunch of things in what i think was Latin, but Im not sure considering the girl never finished High School. Next, she took one of the blades in one hand, my right arm in the other, and made about 21 little incisions horizontally on the forearm. Surprisingly, this was a bit of a turn on, so I let her continue. She did the other arm, then both legs.....21 marks on each limb. Twentyone was the "magic number" she said. After she had finished, I was very turned on and i hope sex was what she had lined up next.
Then we had wild butt crazy sex. The whole time, with my cuts still bleeding on her and stinging from our sweat, I felt closer to her than before. The pain was such a rush, heightening the intimacy. After it was over, she said "now its my turn". Junebug pushed me off of the table and jumped up on it. She told me to do the same thing to her (21). This was more of a turn on for me, what i now know as a control fetish. Junie seemed to enjoy herself more than she did during the sex. I didnt care though. When I was done, i started to clean up a bit. She told me to get back over to her so I did. She told me to carve half of a pentagram on her chest and that she would carve the other half on mine so they matched up. So we did. She went first, and did the cuts a little deeper this time. My half took about 15 minutes total carving time. The whole time I was thinking about how enjoyable this was for me. Then, as I did her half, she was so hot from the pain that she started masturbating. When the carving was finished, we laid together side by side for a while, rubbing the blood together. I thought that this was kind of odd, but once again i agreed because it felt great. The whole pentagram was about ten inches total in diameter. She said the pentagram was so i would always remember her and what she had introduced me to. I regret that the cuts werent deep enough to remain permanently, but i know ill never forget this. The healing process was pretty easy. When we were finished, she bandaged each of us up with gauze, tape, and ointment. Junie was always very thoughtful.I suffered no infections or excess bleeding. This experience opened my eyes to the world of body modification. Junie and I are no longer together, unfortunately. She ended up cheating on me with a tattoo artist she knew. Since then, one of the main things that I look for in a relationship is propensity for ummmm....trying new things.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: My+Ex+Girlfriend+.....We%27ll+Call+Her+Junebug
Studio: Junebug%27s+former+home
Location: Birmingham%2C+AL

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