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BBQ fun

The day stared off a little slow. The previous night had been tiring. A visit was made to see my brother's new lady friend at Stigmata the piercing studio where she is apprenticing. After talking for a bit, I decided to have her pierce my nipples. which took longer than i thought it would. after we went to et some pizza. later on we all retired for the evening to watch some really bad movies, the worst of which was "The Reanimator" a movie about a scientist that uses "drugs" took resart the chemical processes of the brain. the rest of the day was spent napping, and watching wrestling. Around six o'clock at night we all me up again, and made our way to Toronto. It was only an hour drive, but it felt a lot longer. Anticipation was starting to get to me. We were on our we to the new years BME bbq, and I had been promised by my brother that we would get to have some fun with flesh hooks. We arrived around seven-thirty, and met with open arms. There were so many people there that were so nice to talk to , the night was filled with a lot of talk, and trying to keep warm. We had brought some Cheese sausages with us to barbeque, many of which were eaten by people other than ourselves, but im not bitter. Anyway, i met a whole bunch of great people. And had a great time. although there was a little confusion as to when twelve o'clock was.a make shift countdown was started about two minutes past midnight. At little bit after that people started to talk about flesh hook stuff. at first Delaney wanted to do a knee suspension. And then there were rumors of the hooks being two gauge. By that time, i think most of us were a little tired to do anything with two gauge hooks. it was determined that in reality the hooks were ten gauge. We all headed down stairs. It was decided that we would do some trucking, so we started to partner up. no one really wanted to go with Delaney, I think it had something to do with when we were standing upstairs in the kitchen, when he said told use, while double fisting a bottle of wine, and a beer, " I don't want to scare anyone, but I've down over forty suspensions, and I'll pull your ass around the whole fucking basement" Anyway it ended up that me and my big brother were going to go first. So we both took or shirts off. I was the first to get the hooks put in, we used two hooks, one over each shoulder blade.This was my first time, and let me tell you something, those ten gauge needles had one big, scary bevel on them. Delaney put them in, and I have to give him credit, he is the smoothest piercer that has ever put a hole in me. Once we had the hooks in and caribeners (is that spelt right?)were put on the hooks, and we used nylon ropes with with two loops, one on each end. so we had the hooks in and were all tied up. we then we moved in to the some what open area, and started to pull. The pulling was like nothing I had ever experienced before. There was pain, but it didn't hurt, it was more like an intense stress that dissipated as throughout my body. It was very exciting, I couldn't stop shaking. Everyone there was very supporting, and I really felt comfortable.We started off with a bit of lean, and then more of a trying to walk away from each other, then after a bit we stood back up, and went heel to heel. the only problem with that is that i'm about twenty pounds heavier than my brother, and we couldn't get a very good balance when we both just tried to lean at forty-five dergees. After about fifteen minutes, I had to stop it was to intense for me to keep up, and the basement was really fucking cold! they took the hooks out and told use we could keep them, the bleeding stopped after about five minutes, and we put or clothes back on. i was sure to thank everyone in the room. i probably sounded pretty dumb, but i was so happy, and grateful,it was wonderful. So ended an amazing experience. It was amazing. I would like to thank everyone who helped, and give them my sincere gratitude. It was a night I will never forget. if you would like y\to ask me any questions about the experience, feel free to drop me a line at


submitted by: Kilean
on: 10 Jan. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: delaney%2C+phil+barbosa%2C+shawn+porter
Studio: new+years+bme+bbq
Location: toronto

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