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Checking in to See if I am Getting Ripped Off

HE GREAT NIPPULINI!!! I call myself that because I use my GREAT NIPs to PULL INanImate objects. I began my journey about 8 years ago during my piercing apprenticeship, when I first had my nipples pierced. At the time, I started with standard 14 gauge jewelry. Located in Philadelphia, our company began body piercing in 1988 in our Northeast Philadelphia location. We then opened our second branch in Center City at South Street in 1992. We also opened a third shop in a suburb of Philly called New Hope, a small historic area permeated with gay bars and only two tattoo shops. Then, in 1996, we opened our fourth shop in another surburbian locality called Levittown, permeated with many trailer parks and a few biker bars. In 1999, we had to close down our New Hope locaton due to a very biased zoning ordinace. Today, (11/13/00) we have three shops and five piercers on our staff. We do an average of about 150 to 200 piercing per WEEK!! We can legimitately say that we are the oldest and largest piercing company in Philadelphia. So, since the eight years have gone by (and lots of nipple size upgrades) I began to hang objects from my nipples of various weights. With my nipples sized at 00 gauge, I have done a few performances with hanging objects... REAL objects, not props. Without naming names, there is no truth in performance art when a certain someone uses a "car battery" weighing 5 pounds for lifting (an average car battery weighs in between 35 to 50 pounds, removing the liquid still doesn't make up for the fact that lead plates located inside weigh more than just 5 pounds), or a cinder block that on a scale weighs in at around 10 pounds (a cinder block mold can be made very easily and can then be filled with a more light weight compound). Doing such things illegitimizes true performance artists, and further makes the root word "fake" come from the true people we call "fakirs" (this is a true fact, look it up in any dictionary, the word "fake" comes from the Hindu word "fakir" due to fakirs using props, fake tongues, and the like during the early carnivals and sideshows). I have towed a shopping cart containing various overweight individuals in front of my shop on South Street in scenic Center City, Philadelphia. This caused quite a stir due to the fact that the only smooth surface to pull the cart was in the middle of the street. The smooth surface was not chosen to make the pulling easier, it was decided that a smoother surface would make for a nicer ride for the rider of the cart. This act I have captured in a photo I keep on my homepage with AOL. The picture was taken by an art student who was taking pictures of buildings for an assignment. The moment she saw my act, she knew that a guy towing an obese individual by his nipples would prove a better grade than an old building. The student photographer did not get my name, so when she sent the pictures to my shop, she adressed it ATTN: TO THE PIERCED NIPPLE GUY WHO PULLS THE SHOPPING CART. I have pulled a hospital gurney with two lovely large ladies at a fetish event called 'Dominion'. This act has also been video taped and sold to those who attended this event. In addition, a local exotic dancer fanzine, "Unveiled" ran a story on the event and had a shot of my act with myself wearing a gas mask for added effect (also I wanted to keep my identity a secret). I am in the process of acqusitioning a mid 70's Volkswagen Beetle for my next towing performance to be video taped professionally. The video tape will be encoded to assure that I will NOT be ripped off. Obviously, I have put many years and a lot of my personal energies into creating myself as The Great Nippulini. Therefore, I respectfully ask you to look out for imposters using my name (which IS trademarked and copyrighted), and any Body Modification websites using my images without permission. Soon to be seen on The Howard Stern Show on E!, and possibly a RealTV episode, I will attempt to bring the public closer to being jaded by such acts. Only then, when "Nothing's shocking", will people realize the TRUE acts of degradification, such as genocide, mass brainwashing by religious zealots, environmental raping, and so on. If you are truly interested in The Great Nippulini, his pictures, his act, bookings, etc., you can E-mail me by clicking the link under this story. Unfortuneatly, I am so paranoid of being ripped off that I will not include a picture with this story unless the people who run this site can assure me that this will not happen. Thank you, and always keep the mind open. -The Great Nippulini-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Nov. 2000
in Ritual

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Artist: By+Myself%2C+The+Great+Nippulini
Studio: Warrior+Body+Piercing+Inc.
Location: Philadelphia%2C+Pa.

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