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Tebori and the art of meditation

rst like to give you a bit of informaton on my complex ethnic diversity as well as my life. My background is both native american and african american descent. Even with so rich a cultural history, I have always been interested in Buddhism as well as Chinese and Japanese culture...hence my love of Tebori tattoo work and Buddhist study. I do not classify myself as any one particule religion or faith). Also, I am a practicing femmedomme, (no I'm not looking for a sub) and have participated in various temporary and permanent body modification processes. My latest ritual experience began as an undertaking to become more centered. My life had been very hectic lately and traditional forms of meditation weren't working. I was restless and decided to fly overseas to see an old friend. I regret, because this experience was so personal and of a religious nature to me, I cannot name my tattoo artist nor give out his contact information. It is the nature of the work. I combine native american meditation with that of several asian cultures. In the process of my mediatation, my focus is centered on the work being done. All of my tattoos are on my back along my spine and roughly measure 2.5 - 3 inches in width depending on placement. They consist of black ink only and all are in an ancient dialect of chinese save for the symbol of french nobility (Fleur d'Lis - sp?) I was tattoed with after leaving home from New Orleans in my earlier years. This particular session found me nude, oiled, in a room full of incense face down on a canvas mat, as Master "X" went to work on the chinese character of "tranquility" just below the base of my neck. For those of you who don't know, Tebori artwork is done by hand, no machinery involved. The process takes a bit longer and allows for me to center better. The placement of this particular character was very special. I had originally planned to have it beneath the lowest character for "god" but I was strongly encouraged to "place it at the pinnacle of my unrest." Master X does not tatto on the neck due to discrepencies in healing that involve hair follicles and the way the protein can distort the artwork over time. Japanese and some chinese tattooing similar to my own are done in an "open ended" style/design so the design can be added to or left to stand alone at any point in time. As Master "X" worked, I listened to the recitations of a Shaman from my tribe. (Lakota Sioux). I had the recitations taped, previously. He worked diligently and slowly, tapping the needles into my skin. (I've heard that in older times bamboo needles have been used.) A common misconception people seem to have is that if you concentrate on something other than the pain involved, it won't hurt as much. Coming from a BDSM background, I can tell you that you only build a threshold to pain by moving through it. My meditation involves focusing directly on the "pain" and on the rhythm of the artist. I now have such a high threshold and mental capacity that the so-called pain now exists in a place that feels very good. The entire experience took little over an hour and I write this from my lap top on the plane. I ache a little every time I stretch to get more comfortable but overall I feel at peace and can return to my busy life in sunny california. I always wonder, after such an experience, about those people out there who are still getting tattoos for all the wrong reasons and who see it as some sort of "ordeal to go through." My ancestors on both fronts have long since had knowledge that through pain comes a certain type of physical wisdom. Needless to say, the work is now done and on average it only takes my body 6 days to completely heal from the work I have done. Please note this is an atypical result and highly unusual!!! I feel as far as the tattooing goes, I shall allow only for 2 more. My tattoos are located in an area that can be easily covered. I don't regard them as something to be hidden so much as they are private symbols of myself and my path with god. I also however don't feel the need to show them off as some sort of trend or status symbol. I am quite prepared to live the rest of my life with these permanent words. I wish everyone out there the best in all their endeavors at body modification in whatever form it is that they so choose. You have my utmost respect. D.-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Ritual

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Artist: Master+X
Studio: Cannot+Say...
Location: China

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