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My blood-drinking/cutting fetish

My blood-drinking/cutting fetish

At A Glance Author Akasha Caduceus Contact [email protected]

To begin with, I have simply this to say: I have a blood fetish. To elaborate upon this, there's also the matter of cutting....and of being cut....which is what not only makes the blood-letting easier, but also much more fun! I remember a few years back when I came across the BME website and saw the scarification section. Curious, I checked out the cutting part, and, at the time, was revolted by it! I thought that the designs were nice and all, but the idea of letting someone cut you, or of cutting yourself seemed insane to me at the time-I thought about the pain....the loss of blood....the overall mess....and figured it was something I would never possibly get into. Then I met someone. She was a perfectly normal girl, one year older than me, who simply had one thing I had never seen before....a barbell through her tongue. At this time, they weren't nearly as popular as they are today, and to see one in person greatly intrigued me. We became good friends (and still are). One day a different subject than usual came up: how about getting together for a little "blood-drinking party"?? Being curious about it after being a great vampire fan since the seventh grade, I agreed. I asked her how we were going to go about this, and she pulled out her cheaply chosen instrument of destruction-a small, thin razor blade she'd pried out of a safety-razor. We continued talking, and I found out that she'd been carving designs into her arms off-and-on for years. Suddenly, I was interested, not repulsed, by the idea of cutting myself, and was greatly looking forward to it. The night arrived, and one more person was brought into the act. The three of us, crazy as we were, wandered out into the woods in the middle of a heavy snow warning at night to find an abandoned house we had spied earlier. Once we finally got to it, we made our way inside, set up some candles, and pulled out three brand-new razor blades. I had never cut myself before and was rather nervous, so my friend went first. She took the blade in her right hand, and placed it length-wise against the flesh of her left arm. She applied some pressure, and before we knew it, the blood was flowing....she'd gone a bit deeper than she'd expected, but she was far from being in any danger from it. She offered me her arm....I took it in both my hands and carefully licked at the wounds. As her warm blood hit my tongue and began to slowly work it's way down my throat time seemed to stand still....I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it! That's pretty much how my fetish got started! After that night, I began to experiment on my own with razors. I found cutting myself to be quite enjoyable....they were never deep cuts, just nice small shallow ones just deep enough to produce some much-hungered-for blood. Since then, I got into carving lasting designs into my left arm....an Eye of Hourus and a small Ankh....soon, however, I got tired of that, and looked more into cutting consenting people for the sake of drinking blood. The first time I let someone else cut me/I cut someone else was when I started dating a guy who found the concept as interesting as I had. I had bought a pack of single-edge razor blades, and we gave it a try. At first we were both unbelievably nervous-the only thing that got us through it was the idea of drinking eachother's blood. I handed him a razor, and indicated where I'd like to be cut-on the upper part of my left breast. Slowly, he dug a corner of the blade into my flesh, and began to drag it across. At first it hurt, but the pain was followed by a strange rush-and then he placed his mouth over the cut and began sucking on it hungrily. There's no way to explain the feelings I was going through in those minutes, but it was absolutely amazing. I recently married a man who enjoys this as much as I do....our relationship actually started out with drinking eachother's blood, and we still continue to do so at times. I can't explain exactly what it is about being cut by someone else that I find so erotic, nor why I enjoy the taste of other's blood....there's just something about surrendering your flesh for someone else to open up to feed off of that's stimulating. The quick sting of a razor being drawn upon your skin followed by the licking and sucking of the wound....it's just good clean fun. ~Akasha Caduceus


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Feb. 2000
in Ritual

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