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Soul Cleansing by Keith Alexander

n Wednesday, October 8, 1997, I experienced, 'I' being my body on the physical and 'I' being my soul on the ethereal/spiritual level, an hour and a half of pure ecstasy and physical enlightenment.

I had experimented with pleasure piercing before meeting Keith Alexander. Through a mutual learning experience, a friend and I had pinned me with as many as sixty-eight, twenty and twent-two gauge needles from above the genitals to the nipples. I found out about Keith via the internet and after meeting with him, quickly recognized his level of enthusiasm and professionalism for the art of body play.

Three evenings later, Keith, (a friend with a high-end video camera) Eric, and myself enclosed ourselves in Keith's store and prepared for what was to come. Candles lit, incense burning, pin lights dimmed, a sense of calm excitement seemed to pass between us. Each of us anticipating something unknown, just following the building energy amongst us to a place new and exhilarating yet somehow familiar and soothing.

I disrobed as Keith prepared the "work" area and Eric prepared his camera. I felt at ease and comfortable in my nakedness as I walked towards the "work" area. Keith stopped me as I approached the table and said, "give me a hug," which felt so warm against my flesh and felt so warm in my heart. I laid down on the table under one lamp as each of my senses filled with my surroundings. Drum rythms and melodies filled the room and my ears, the delicate aroma of incense filled my nose, my flesh pressed against the table beneath me, my eyes closed still seeing the glow from the lamp through my lids. Few words were exchanged from this point forward.

Keith first used iodine swabs to clean the areas where the needles would soon take hold. He then cleaned off the iodine with alcohol and paper towels. His attention to sterility and safety were obvious throughout which created an even deeper level of trust between us.

My body laid at rest until suddenly Keith pierced through my flesh with the first eighteen gauge needle right above my navel. I felt no pain -- either from some genetic mutation that has desensitized my flesh or from Keith's quick and precise use of a needle. Keith realized, by my body's reaction to that first crucial needle, that my body yearned for more, that something inside needed the needles to unlock the flesh to open doors for the soul. Keith ran twenty needles horizontally through the center of my being, a line from my navel up to just below my chest. Another twenty needles pierced my abdomen. Twenty more into my inner thighs, my outer labia then up to my nipples, through my areolas and swift stabbing needles entered beneath my nipple jewelry exiting the other side with tender drops of blood. Several small gauge needles penetrated my clitoral hood and inner labia.

After one hundred and eleven needles, Keith paused to give me more water to drink and gently dabbed ylang ylang oil on my chest and forhead as my body writhed in pure elation. He laid a branch of eucalyptus across my chest and sprayed alcohol above my body so that only a fine mist showered my body. He then reached for other stimuli in the vicinity and sounds of a tamborine followed by African shakers enveloped my spirit. I felt my soul united with my flesh -- I thought that perhaps my soul had been elevated beyond my flesh but now realize that it was more a union of the spirit and the body, each needle penetrated my physical entity touching the most sensual part of my spirit; the two often distant inner relations became as one.

Keith brought more water for me and allowed for it to spill down my cheeks before showering my body with it. The coolness from the water exhilarated my body's sensations all the more. I felt the wetness mingle with the needles in my body and waves of euphoria and ecstasy shot across my being. Keith turned off the lamp as I celebrated by body's sensations.

I almost feared, at this point, that we were 'done' so I motioned for Keith to come closer and asked in his ear, "can we do more?" and he immediately responded with a, "sure." My body practically quivered with excitement. Keith leaned down and whispered to me, "you are beautiful." Those three words touched me so deeply at that moment because I realized that he commented on not only what he saw on the physical level but also what he felt, the energy exchanged between us, he sensed its beauty as well. Keith then walked back to his counter and dumped out a box of needles onto a steel tray as the music conveniently paused between songs and the sound of multitudes of needles brought a belly laughter from deep within to my lips. I giggled in glorious anticipation of what was yet to come.

Keith pierced the flesh between my breasts and into my chest. Several more entered the crevice at the top of my thighs and Keith then put my feet into stirrups so that he could add more needles to my inner thighs and genitals. One needle so very slowly and deliberately penetrated my hood, down through my clit sending my entire being over the top, the most memorable needle of them all. Another forty-eight needles pierced my flesh before Keith began their extraction.

With the removal of the needles came the flow of blood, trickles of deep red ran down my body. Some needles came out quickly, others came out four or five together at a time. Some were removed slowly while others were pulled up first agianst the flesh before comeing out. The blood especially flowed above my navel and Keith ran his gloved hands through my life essence and then annointed my forehead and allowed for my tongue to taste my own blood. He followed my body and read its messages so clearly. He put one hand underneath the arch I created in the small of my back, at one point, to assist the flow of energy my body created.

As Keith began to clean off this area I felt him drawing a heart in my own blood above my own heart. Again I felt so deeply touched and simultaneously exhilarated. I began to giggle once again. The needles were removed from my genitals and lastly my nipples which added dramatically to the red glow of my body. Keith wet a paper towel and squeezed out the water over my body. He thoroughly cleaned off my body with water and then alcohol. I felt like an infant as he bathed my body after cleansing my soul. I guess I felt a true sense of rebirth -- I had discovered a place deep within me and all around me, a new exotic, magical world I sensed had existed and finally visited with the help of Keith.

Keith elevated the table so that I was in a sitting position and said, "take as long as you need." I sat in a glow of euphoria, an altered state. My head rolled from side to side in exhaustive pleasure, a smile gleamed across my face. Thank you Keith....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Ritual

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