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got a great story for ya. Yesterday TSD had a gig and the guy we were supposed to hang ended up getting sick and not telling anyone till the day of the show! So everybody looks at me with a collective "?" cuz I already knew they wanted me to do it. I said I would even though I knew I would have no time to prepare myself mentally. So then we got to the piercing shop and they say "oh now David thinks he can do it", and I say "what do you mean thinks?" They just say they don't know and that they will let me know. So I come home to get changed after a long day of getting the groups shit together.

As soon as I'm changed for the show the phone rings and they say "get down here to get pierced". I say, "uh, ok, I'll be there soon. So I go pick up my friend that I planed the show with (Oliver). We zip down to the shop. As soon as I get there I strip and have my friend/piercer Steve help me figure out how to tie a loincloth. I get 8 hooks put in my back and legs.

        The shop is located in the gay part of town and I have to go

to the car in a loin cloth and combat boots. I lay on my stomach in the bag seat with trash bags under me so I don't bleed all over the loaner car. We bolt down to the club and I hang out in the back of the car until they are ready for me. I hear Oliver call my name and jump out of the car. I lay down on a wooden stretcher behind the club, they through a sheet over me and strap me down. After some discussion about direction entering the club I am hoisted up on to the shoulders of four people and carried into the club.

        They set the stretcher into the freestanding frame in the

middle of the club. The frame is black painted wood with large eyebolts set into the top.

I hear the chatter of the assembled crowd of part time freaks and fetish thrill seeks. I close my eyes as the sheet is removed from me. I hear various gasps and a few scattered comments like "oh my god". I'm only wearing a loincloth and steel hooks at this point. Mike and Oliver go to work attaching me to the frame with black cord through the eyes of the hooks and then to the frame. I feel Oliver yanking all of the slack out of the cord very quickly. (gasps and groans from the crowd) Mike asks me if I'm doing ok. I say no. A moment in time and space later they ask me if I'm ready and I say "Drop it." The stretcher drops out from under me and the crowd screams and applauds simultaneously! In blinding flash the pain was gone and I was literally hanging out in a loincloth for all to see. I spot Oliver across the stage with cigarette in hand; I beckoned him over to give me a drag. As I took the cigarette from him he pushed me. Then mike pushed me. Several comments from the crowd later they picked the table back up to support me and cut the line. The sheet was thrown back over me the straps replaced and I was carried out much as I was carried in.

   They set the stretcher down in the alley just behind the club.  My dear

friends talked me down and removed the hooks. I lay there as the air bubbles were pushed out from under my skin. Some girl put my socks on so I could walk back into the club. I walked back in and up the stairs to find a quiet corner to get dressed. I talked to Thomas as he checked my pulse. He commented that it wasn't good and got me some orange juice.

            I recovered and mingled with the crowd a bit, had few

drinks, and talked to pretty girls. I made plans with one pretty girl to take another pretty girl home with us. We convinced her it was in her best interest to come with us. We pulled away from the club after many fond good-byes. Our conspiracy had worked and we convinced our pretty girl to meet us at the first pretty girl's place. I arrived to shots and conversation in Dee's new apartment.

Just after we lost hope of our third companion we heard a light rap on the door.
We talked as they both wiped my back down, the wounds had stopped bleeding and I was a bit sore in my neck, but I was ok. Another shot and Dee, she, and I lay down in a king size waterbed. I've never had sex with two pretty girls before.
We rolled around for hours licking and sucking and kissing and rubbing. I can't say that my sore back was much of an issue.

This is the kind of shit that could only happen to me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1998
in Ritual

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