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Brian's Bell Dance

nter> {disclaimer/warning} This contains unsanitary/unwise procedural information,
I'm quite aware of proper piercing and sterilization methods. Don't try this at home unless you know what you are doing and are comfortable with the way your body reacts to piercing. {disclaimer/warning}

Hello, I am Brian.. an 18 year old male who resides in Wichita, KS. I have my septum, nipples, and foreskin pierced (all at 12 guage) and various brands, one which can be seen here.

I became conscious of my interest in pain/modification around 3-4 years ago..the first time I burnt myself with a cigarette.. and realised it really didn't hurt that bad.. there is a lot more background than that, but I'll type that up another day.. the main thing is I modify/hurt myself for spiritual, asthetic, and just plain fun reasons :)

Periodically I attach bells of various shapes to my body.. I love bells(or any noise making device for that matter). I'm not quite sure of all the reasons I enjoy them so much, but part of it relates to the use of bells in various cultures to keep "bad spirits" away.. I also enjoy creating sound, and percussion is my favorite method :). I've done this three or four times in the past.. the first time being about a year ago.. I used polyfilament nylon thread and small (3/8" or so) bells. I literally " sewed" them in.. putting the thread through the eye of the needle and pushing it through my skin, then fastening the bells to the thread. I used four bells and "sewed" them on the tops of my forearms. It was fun! On later occasions I moved on to mono filament nylon fishing line (smarter.)

Last night(980715) I was looking through the "Flesh and Spirit" pages and came across some old writing of Fakir Musafar's I hadn't seen in a long time.. the one where he tells of his blissful experiences with weights hanging off his body. All my previous "sewings" never had any spiritual meaning.. I always want them to, but It never has happened, It didn't happen today either, but I think I'm getting closer. I believe the secret is in ritualising it more, and more preperation (fasting, meditation, etc. ).. I'll have to try harder next time. :) I also plan to do this in a performance setting in the near future.

I figured out it's more efficient using stick-pins + rubber bands to affix the bells then actually sewing with a thread-like substance (and they bounce around more!). I had 9 altogether: One large one on each upper arm, One small one on each arm about an inch behind my wrists, One large one in my neck(madison area), and 4 small ones in groups of two above my knee caps. Large - app. 1.5" diameter.. small - app 3/4" diameter.

After all the "sewing" was finished I put on a tribal episode of Hearts of Space.. danced for 30-45 minutes.. fun fun fun.. my body turned into an instrument. It flowed with the beat.. The bell over my heart was the most stimulating, even though it barely moved without manual manipulation(I banged on it with my hands). The different limbs made different sounds.. it was great.

I believe the experience would be heightened greatly with other people ("instruments"). Adding more and heavier bells is my next objective (these small bells do not provide enough pain), this will require assistance though, and I have yet to find someone local(Wichita, KS) who will participate with me. I also have the idea to use tubes of paint as weights..

warning graphic blood descriptions ahead for those easily sqwickable warning or generally not interested in such discriptions

When I had enough I began pulling out the bells - When I pulled out the pin above my right knee.. so much blood!.. it was the grandest thing I've experienced in a while. It covered my foot, went all over the carpet.. I even managed to splatter some over a few paintings too! It kept coming(I applied pressure for a few seconds and it stopped.. i have a little blue bruise there now :) must've been a small vein).. I should hit something deeper, maybe it'd squirt.. that would be a sight to see! My skin ejaculating.. HA..(ever read the thing Keith Alexander wrote about piercing being like "fucking your skin":)) My left wrist also bled.. but it just ran.. no big splattering drops :(.

the end.

brian.. [email protected] http://www2.southwind.net/~spectre


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1998
in Ritual

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