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The goddess in me has awakened

I kind of consider my self a novice in terms of body mods. I had my first (and only up to recently) tattoo at 18. It was a 1 square inch ladybug seen in side perspective, drawn by my very good friend Eve-Emmanuelle. Soon, it will be reworked over but hopefully this will be subject to another story. Like most girls in my part of the world my ears were pierced while still a baby. I added second holes, but they're still regular earrings size. Boring, I know ! I've had eyebrows barbells, but I had to take them off. The first one, a vertical one, for work matters. The second one, horizontal, because of rejection. I was really sad : I loved that second eyebrow. Soon it will be replaced by a micro-dermal implant, but again, this is not the subject for which I'm writing tonight.

In fact, I've been fascinated with body mods for ages now. For different reasons I just did not take the plunge. First, I was in a relation with a very conservative guy, who thought the ladybug and the eyebrow were cute, but sufficient. Then we split up and I went back to university for an engineering degree. It's during my second year that I got the horizontal eyebrow that lasted for about a year. No more boyfriend : no one would complain now if I had a dozen of tattoos or jewels, I was free to let my self go ! But being a student, money was scarce, especially since I lived on student loans and savings, so the project was still on hold indefinitely.

Then, about 18 months ago, destiny came to me. I was waiting for the bus with a girl who had an amazing chest tattoo. I couldn't resist, I told her I liked it a lot. One thing led to another, she told me she just opened her own studio (with an associate) just about 3 blocks from my flat. She didn't have business card per se, but she had post cards and gave me one. The place is called ADN Studio.

About the same time, I was having regular online conversations with a guy from United Kingdom (I'm in Canada) who was a lot into piercings, but had no tattoo whatsoever yet. I mentioned my encounter to him in one of our multiple body mod related conversation. Then one day that friend told me he would come to Montreal, that he would like to spend a few days in my city (150 km east of Mtl) and that he would very much like to be tattooed at that same studio. He asked me to schedule an appointment, sent me his request so the artist could sketch it.

So I went to ADN for a first time and spent nearly an hour and a half in the place. I spoke mostly to Julie, the manager. We took arrangements for my friend to be tattooed by Todd, who was with the team since only a couple of months but had a very interesting portfolio. While I was there, we discussed my ladybug, the ideas I had for it and stuff. Julie told me to get 'inspirational' ideas on the web, not necessarily tattoos pictures, and to bring them so the artist of my choosing could draw something for me. I also mentioned a great graphic novelist (a bédéiste in french) that I admire the most and that I'd love to have a tattoo inspired by his work. We looked at his work on the web, and Julie understood right away what I meant.

So I came back a month later with my british friend for his tattoo. I was really impressed by Todd's work (the artist !) both on my friend as on his drawing table. Then came the price. I believe Todd under-evaluates his work !

After 3 days I was back in the studio, with my graphic novel (the Nikopol Trilogy by Enki Bilal for those who want to know). I took an appointment with Todd for 10 days later, a Saturday morning. It helps a lot to have now a part time job !

In the Nikopol Trilogy, some of the characters are ancient Egypt gods. Horus is even one of the main ones. They have the particularity of having a greyish stone-like skin. I always say that I have the shape of an antique goddess, so I had the idea of having a patch of skin tattooed like if it was morphing into stone, as if I was one of those ancient egyptian goddess. To me, the transition was to be a blur between the two different textures. This way, I thought I could extend when I graduate and have a full time job. I explained my idea to Julie and Todd, Julie made copies of chosen pages in my album and I left. I guess I wasn't clear because when, the following Sunday, I received Todd's sketch by email, it was more like if skin was ripping to show stone underneath. Then I realized that this way, my extension projects would be even easier : patches of skin, smaller or larger, ripping off.

So on 3 october I was sitting on Todd's stool, bending forward to have my right upper back inked. Todd started by outlining the whole area in flesh tones, a bit different then my own flesh. Then he worked with black to detail the stony texture and the extremities. Finally, he shaded the stone area with a bit of brown and battleship grey, and the outline with brown again and some more flesh tone. I see that like if my skin was actually swollen from the ripping. There is still a bit of work to do, but after 2:30, I needed to stop. I can't wait till early november to have it finished ! I love it. Of course, a few people don't understand it : 'why you have brains ?', 'couldn't you get a butterfly instead ?' but ah well, I am a goddess after all !!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: Todd+Beck
Studio: ADN+Studio
Location: Sherbrooke%2C+Qc%2C+Canada

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Monday, October 24, 2011 @10:46 p.m.
Hello, I'm Zoe a college student currently working on a senior thesis on Tattooing and Spirituality. I would love to hear your storyand be able to use it as part of my research on the spiritual aspects of contemporary tattooing. I am currently investigating how Tattoos relate to notions of the self, and how they can become embodied forms of personal transformation. Additionally I am investigating where the images of tattoos, specifically spiritual ones are encountered, as through my research I have realized that there is an incredible diversity of symbols to chose from or create. I have a questionnaire below, and would appreciate it if you would participate. you can email me your responses at zokat522@gmail.com 1. What are your tattoos of? 2. Where did you encounter these images? 3. When and why did you get the tattoos? 4. What do the tattoos mean to you? 5. Do you feel these tattoos have changed who you are? Please feel free to answer any or all of the questions, and additionally leave any comments you feel are relevant. Your help is very appreciated, and I look forward to contributing to a new understanding of the power and importance of tattoos within our society.If you wish to attach photos of your tattoos I would love to see the beautiful images you have chosen to put on your body, but by no means should you feel necessary to do so. If you have any other questions regarding my work, qualifications, or are just curious about what I am doing, please feel free to ask. Thanks so much, Zoe

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