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Best wrist tattoo ever

I had been planning on getting another tattoo for a while, so I spoke to my friend and said what I wanted in the design and after a while of her mucking around with designs she emailed me the perfect picture. I then got around to booking the appointment. I made sure that I booked the appointment when I had a week off work so I could give it time to heal. After looking around at sites on the internet I stumbled across Jack's Tattoo Studio in Romford and after emailing them for a quote I knew that was the perfect place. I booked my appointment then and there. I was all booked in for Monday 28th September at 11am. This was a nice date for me to have my tattoo as the next day it was my 21st birthday. This tattoo is even more special to me because it is for my fiancé.

I told my friend that I had made the appointment and now all we had to do was tweak the design as it was going on my wrist and I wanted it to flow a little better, she managed to do this for me. I asked her if she wanted to come with me to see the tattoo being done as it was her design and it would be a cool experience for both of us. I already have a tattoo on my foot that her sister has designed for me and I have been friends with them for years so it was nice to have something that really seals our friendship!

Monday 28th September approached fast and so that morning we began our journey to the studio. I will say now that I am not good at getting a tattoo (this being my 3rd) but I tried to not let that bother me too much. When I say that I don't tattoo very well I'm really not joking I end up shaking and everything. It can be really hard for me to zone out with things like this it also didn't help that my IPod was dying so I had nothing to help take my mind off of it. When we got off the train I decided to try and go shopping, maybe that would calm me down, unfortunately this did nothing to I just decided to go straight to the studio and get the consultation over and done with.

Once I arrived I spoke to the girl in the reception area and she had told me that Tamsyn had not arrived yet but I should go and get something to eat and then come back. I managed to eat a slice of toast, by this point I was feeling very sick. Shortly after I returned and the receptionist helped me get the correct size of the tattoo. When Tamsyn arrived she set up straight away and then asked if I was ready for it to be done. I reluctantly agreed. Walking through the door I have never felt sicker in my life, but Tamsyn was brilliant at calming me down, asking me what I did for my job and things like that. The studio was really clean and bright and they played music in there which is nice to help you calm down. I felt really stupid about being so nervous because there was a guy in there having a huge arm piece done and it was going to take roughly 3 – 4 hours, mine was going to be nowhere near as bad as that!

Once the stencil was on and I was happy with the placement she then began the first line.... wow I really wasn't expecting it to be like that. It really felt like the receptionist said it would, she said it would be more annoying that painful. I had used some Emla cream on the areas that I thought would be far too painful for me to handle, but most of the tattoo I did feel. Tamsyn kept talking to me through the whole process and I was really grateful for that. During some of the more painful parts of the tattoo I ended up squeezing my friend's hand and in the end I think she lost some feeling in her little finger! The whole tattoo only took about 10 - 15 minutes to do as it is only a small star design with some swirls. I swear this is the best £60 that I have ever spent. I really don't know why I was so worried about it hurting because there were only a few places that were quite tender. I am in love with my new ink. I will definitely go back there for my next tattoo! My fian cé is also going there to get a tattoo done for me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: Tamsyn
Studio: Jacks+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Romford%2C+Essex

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