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When I finely came of official tattoo age (18 here in Sweden), I had realized that deciding a tattoo design wouldn't be that easy...obviously. I'd been changing taste, placement and design almost on a yearly basis, sometimes as often as every other day. So not wanting to end up with something I would regret a month later, I decided to wait until one design had stuck it's place for at least a year. This did not seem to want to happen, so 2 years later, still with this in my mind, I went ahead and made my first tattoo on a whim anyway. Yeah...I'm clever like that. But it's so small. I almost don't count it as a tattoo, it would be very easy to cover up if I ever change my mind, but it is still my first, even thought people think it's stupid.

Anyway, why I got it;

I had moved to a new town to attend a school for 3d artists and game developers, sounds way cooler then it was. And so I had to leave a very dear friend behind in my hometown. She was actually the first girl I ever fell in love with, I secretly loved her for 2 years, and when I finely broke it to her...she, of course, did not feel the same way. Well I got, umm...a bit (understatement) heartbroken about that. We were, and still are, the best of friends. So I moved on, found my first real boyfriend and life was wonderful again. And one day as I walked up the now quite familiar streets in that seriously small town, I realized I haven't called or talked to her for months. And because I didn't want her to gradually disappear from my life, just because I was far away and didn't get to see her everyday like I use too (we are both to busy or to forgetful to call). I decided I should get something to remind me of her, every day. Like a one of those little red ribbons around your finger , so not to forget to call and stuff, thing is I keep losing those ribbons...so anyhow...as I was thinking this, I passed by a Tattoo studio, the only one in town. Well it just hits me, it is Perfect, I very well can't lose a tattoo, and it will be there forever. Thinking about it now...I really don't get how I could ever think I'd forget and lose her, madness I tell you, had probably eaten something funny.

When I walked into the studio there where already someone getting inked, so I waited, and thought about what to get. When it was my turn the tattooist came over looking at me disapprovingly, saying that if I'm not over 18 I have to bring a parent, had I brought a parent? Well I was 20 at the time so...no. We sat down in the back room, and I told him I wanted a heart on my wrist a really small one very discrete, one that doesn't scream tattoo as soon as you see it. He drew 4-5 hearts on a piece of tracing paper but they were all too big and not how I wanted it to be shaped, he got annoyed so I wondered if I could draw it instead. I drew a small black heart that was barley 6 mm in height and width. He wondered if I knew that he couldn't take less then 57 dollars for it, how ever small it was, some kind of policy, so if I wanted to get more for my money he suggested I should go bigger. But I didn't want it bigger. He told me that if I change my mind later or needed it refilled, it would be free of charge. Great I said, still felling kind of ripped-off.

He got started. Almost taking care to be sloppy, fast and hard handed, I don't really get how he managed to make such a small piece hurt and bleed so much. He seemed mad because I got him to dirty a good needle on less then 10 mins work. Lastly he threw some vaseline on the wound and waved me away impatiently, not inviting for any questions about aftercare or giving any advice, just said that if i didn't scratch it, it would be fine. I had read about aftercare earlier so I didn't really mind, being confident it couldn't be to hard taking care of such a small thing properly. But of course I forgot the no-soaking-part and lost some of the ink anyway and had to go back for that free refill the next week, lesson learned. Next time I'm going to be more careful with my choice of tattoo artist not being in such a hurry.

Today, two years later, I still remember to call her. The tattoo works great and looks more like a birthmark or maybe just a random ballpoint scribble by bored hands. It's hardly noticeable, but I know it's there and I don't need it bigger. Little squiggle, such a silly little piece.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Tattoos

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