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Prettiest tattoo in the morgue.

What better way to represent a sport that let me beat up girls for free?

I guess I shouldn't say it was free. Joining roller derby did come with a price. I had to sweat my ass off and get yelled at by someone old enough to be my mom twice a week. I had to dress up like a zombie once a month and cover my pretty face with fake blood. I had to willingly let these insane, highly aggressive women attack me and hope I didn't break a bone in the process. In the end I guess you could say things worked out in my favor though, seeing as I seemed to be the one sending them to the hospital instead. The best part was that we all laughed about it later. Talk about the most perfect sport in existence! These fierce group of women became the mothers I never had. I've formed irreplaceable friendships and discovered a stronger side to me I never knew existed. We weren't just a bunch of crazy gals skating in circles, we were a family. This all started back in 2006. They were in their second season when a co founder Suzy Homewrecker approached me to do some little gra phic design pieces for them. Soon enough I was going at my first derby game to see this madness in person. Try outs were the next day and I decided I was going to join this awesome sport I just discovered at the baby age of 17. From the start I knew I had to join the Coffin Draggers team. I hated the color pink, the school girl look annoyed me, and I sure as hell wouldn't be caught dead in leopard print. The undead, on skates. Perfect.

I was in the middle of my second season when the day came to get tattooed. I made the appointment six months prior with Aaron Coleman from Immaculate Tattoo in Mesa, AZ. He's the fucking man when it comes to traditional, so I was expecting him to be booked for a while and didn't mind the wait. I knew I wanted to represent the team and had a brief idea of what I wanted. I handed over some references of a zombie like skull facing right with a coffin next to it facing left. I liked how well the piece would look on it's own on my thigh until I continue an entire leg sleeve around it. Aaron took a glance at the references and knew right away what I was going for. When I finally showed up on that long awaited day, Aaron drew up my idea and made it ten times more amazing than I could ever imagine. I was beyond stoked to get this etched on my skin for life.

So we blasted Motorhead and got to work. This was my second tattoo, so I had an idea of what to expect. Aaron is completely professional and easy to talk to so feeling comfortable was no problem. I remember the different stages of pain I went through though. The first two hours were when the needle hurt the most, and then the last two where when his hand hurt the most. My thigh was incredibly sore. Not a bad area due to not gracing any bones, but still not the most fun for a big piece.

When it was done I was taken back by this awesome artwork that was just laid upon my once boring skin. Yes, there was the girl with the coffin but all the little details he added made it's beauty one of a kind. The bat wings on the head. The lightning bolt that secures the lock on the coffin. It pulled together perfectly. The color has to be the best part. The girl is the prettiest shade of blue you can imagine. There's even a nice shade of green being blended into the lightning bolt. Something you don't normally see, but he pulled it off. Sometimes he adds in things last minute and it just works. Originally I wanted the words "Coffin Dragger" on there as well but we decided to go without. I even wanted the girl to have a zombie, flesh like face but I couldn't get over how classy he drew her up and decided to keep it that way. There are no skates involved, or anything that jumps out and says yes this is a derby tattoo. It's just a classic piece with a lot of meaning behind it . That night we had a team meeting and I showed up completely delirious from my long day and they were all smiles. The 4 1/2 hours of straight pain was easy compared to the hundreds of hours I have put in for the league. I couldn't have asked for a better tattoo. We are the Coffin Draggers. Prettiest Girls In The Morgue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: Aaron+Coleman
Studio: Immaculate+Tattoo
Location: Mesa%2C+AZ

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