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My first tattoo, boyfriends name

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. Recently there has been a couple of tattoo parties thrown at my house and all i could do was watch everyone's face in pain as they got their beautiful piece of art, on their bodies. I thought long and hard to myself, and made a promise to never get a tattoo until im way older because of the pain that I saw in others faces. I was scared no doubt. And the noise of the machine was intimidating.

I love my boyfriend with all my heart and he is an artist. He brought up an idea of me getting his name tattooed on me, and I thought very long and hard about this idea. I'm talking not a few weeks, but months. I had finally came to the conclusion that i really think that I want the tattoo. I thought about pain, and that was the part that scared me the most. Of course everyone said "oh my god don't do that! you better think about it first!" All the opinions are great, but don't matter to me to be honest with you. And if we do break up my boyfriend has made such a huge impact on my life and myself. He's bought out the best in me, and without him i wouldn't be alive, or I'd be in prison. So I would keep and as an inspiration tattoo, because he's definitely inspired me no doubt.

So I had my boyfriend draw out the tattoo. He drew a couple ones because he was putting a LOT of detail in the letters, and I told him it's gonna hurt super bad if he has all that detail. Again that's all I was worried about was the pain. So he drew out a couple. In the end I still liked the original detailed tattoo that he drew. A week later I was told that he had a connection to a friend who could do my tattoo. She was in high school still but I trusted her to no end.

I get to her house and she is willing to do the tattoo. Everything seemed very sterile, i watched her open the needle right out of the package and everything. She had gotten the gun fixed thank god, so it didn't shock me nor her. For placement I decide right underneath of my belly button in the center. She stencils it on, and tells me it'll only be 45$. I love it! It looked great and i was ready to do this thing. She started the letter and the machine stopped working and was sparking!! So she had to stop unfortunately and tell me to come back tomorrow when she gets it fixed. I was a little upset because I was super pumped about it. And just the little part that she done was so sore! It hurt really bad and she barely did anything.

The next day I go back to her house and she's able to finish the entire outline because I had plans, and oh my god it hurt so bad!And on top of that it was already sore, and she had to go back over the same spot!! I don't want another tattoo in my entire life! So i let it heal, and a week later, I went back and had it finished. This is day 2 that it's finished and very sore to the touch, and it hurts so bad. I almost cried getting it done and I have a very high pain tolerance. I have 10 piercings. Tongue, 6 ear piercings, my tragus, nose, and bottom belly button. And her doing the tat was extremely painful it almost bought me to tears!! I pay her the money that I owe her and stare at my beautiful art work. I love it! But im more than 100% certain that im not getting another tattoo ever in my life!

It looks great now to be only 2 days old. My mother doesn't know about it and i don't plan for her to be finding out about it anytime soon either. I don't know what her reaction is going to be but i know im scared to find out. So im doing my best to keep it under wraps for now. It's risky for getting his name but so worth it and i don't regret it and i won't regret it ever!! But to all you people thinking of getting a boyfriends name, follow your heart really. My mother was 16 when she got my fathers name tattooed on her, and 16 when she got married. She had 3 kids by age 19. And her and my father are still married. 15 years later. And just had another baby. Things do work out. So follow your heart. Not other peoples opinions. And don't live or think of anything as a regret. Life is a lesson in itself for which you learn by it. Everything is an experience, and everything happens for a reason.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Tattoos

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