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Colorful Stars

To start off with, I have been immersed in tattoos since I was a little kid. My mom had one on her back, her younger brother on his hand, and her older brother, well he had them everywhere. Even my moms step dad was covered in old style army tattoos. Now that is just my moms side of the family. My dads almost all the men, except him have at least one. Even my grandmother has one on her arm and chest.

So just speaking tattoos have never seemed unnatural to me, and I always knew I would get one when I turned 18. It was just the natural order of things for me. I never thought people would see it as wrong or bad for everyone else around us, until I got my first set of stars the day after my 18th birthday. When I was asked if I had any tattoos, I of course said yes and showed them the stars on my collars. Some would look at them and be disgusted. I did not get that. It just did not make sense. I did not care and still do not care what other people say about them.

I find it beautiful, and I expanded my stars a couple of months ago on a family trip. It was near my birthday again and my mom told me a couple of days before we left that she would pay for my next tattoo, that that would be my birthday present. Truthfully after that I do not remember much until we drove into Gatlinburg. I do not remember packing or even eating. The trip was four hours long and I can honestly say I do not remember one minute of the drive. Looking back on that it was kind of funny.

So we make it there and low and behold the shop is right across from our hotel. I freak out. I start smiling like crazy, I know I looked like a weirdo walking into the shop that day. It was only 20 minutes before we walked across the street, but it felt like hours. I even unpacked in less than 2 minutes I wanted to go so bad. We all know that feeling. Its like an itch, and you get all excited. Its wonderful.

So we walk in and tell him what I want, to add more stars going down my arm, but colored this time. He gave us a time, and we payed the deposit. It would be another 2 hours, before my appointment. 2 hours to waste. I was so anxious, so hyper I could barely stand still. My mom wanted to go shopping and eat. I just walked right beside her the whole time, trying to zone out, every two minutes I would look at my phone. I was going crazy.

Finally we ate and started driving back to the shop. I walked in and smiled even more, knowing soon I would be on a table having a needle in my skin. We payed and he started to put on the stencils. I had to stand still, and it was so difficult, because we had to get each arm symmetrical.

It took us about 30 minutes to do this. Finally I was down on the table, eyes closed, hearing the machine whirl. I was so happy and I breathed a sigh of relief as he started the outlines. We finished both sides in around 2 hours, and I bled a little bit. It was amazing.

I ended up getting 4 more stars on each of my arms coming down from my first stars on my collars. They were all different sizes and different colors, the one on the ball of my shoulder hurting the most, because it was the biggest and because of the placement. Everywhere the needle touched there it hit bone. The stars were pink, green, blue, and purple. The next ones will be red orange yellow and another black outline one.

I felt like it was something that needed to be on my skin. I loved them and still do. The first night was kind of hell though. I usually sleep on my side, and that was a big no no. I barely got to sleep that night, and I was completely fine with it. In the morning there was a a little more blood, but it had all stopped by breakfast. The rest of the healing time was just normal. I do need a touch of though. Since I cant run around shirt less, I have lost some of the color in them, since my shirt loves to rub my arms. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a good artist and great people to talk to. It was a wonderful experience and I will be going back next year to extend these again. ^.^


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: dont+remember+his+name
Studio: Southern+Drawl
Location: Gatlinburg%2CTN

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