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Hip/Side/Back feathers

This is the story of my third tattoo, and so far, my biggest. I started off with a pretty big one on my spine,an Arabic design that says "Life is to live & struggle for your beliefs", and my second is an exclamation mark on my hip bones.

After each of my previous tattoos I couldn't wait for another and I knew I wanted something big. I had decided on the placement before I decided on the design. It would start on my left hip and go up my stomach and around my back. I can't remember why I chose peacock feathers, but after I had decided on that I looked at as many pictures of feathers and tattoos online as I could find. I went in to my favorite tattoo shop, Adorn Body Art, in Portland, OR. They've done most of my piercings and my first tattoo. My normal artist was going to be out of town when I wanted it done,so I started talking with another one of the artists in the shop. He loved the idea and we set up an appointment after I printed out the pictures of feathers I liked, and wrote up a detailed description of the placement I wanted.

Then I had to wait. It was about 3.5 weeks until I was going to get it and it was all I could think about. My first two tattoos had been my own designs that I had brought in,and hadn't been altered in any way. This was the first one that I was counting on the artist to design, so I was a little nervous. When the day finally came I was relatively nervous, having read a lot about how painful stomach tattoos are, but I was far more excited to see my beautiful tattoo.

I showed up at 5pm and we spent about an hour drawing it on to make sure it was just right. Eli(the artist) had made a stencil,but because of where it was, he had to draw it on so that it fit with the curves of my body. When I was in love with the placement I lay down on my right side and he began.

At first it wasn't too bad. The part of the design that was on my back/ass wasn't painful at all,just a little warm and annoying. When he started on the hipbone, that's where it got really painful. I was grabbing my partners hand the entire time. I knew the part going over my stomach and ribs would be the most painful,so I took a break before we started that part. When he did start tattooing over my rib, it felt like someone was pulling my ribs up with a crowbar and then holding a lighter under them.The stomach was bad as well, not unbearable, but I had to take a lot of 30 second breaks,and I was ready for it to be over.

Finally after 2 hours of tattooing my beautiful tattoo was over. I couldn't stop smiling as I skipped around the tattoo shop, wearing just the top of my bikini. It was a beautiful tattoo! It's 5 peacock feathers that start about 8 inches down the side of my left thigh. Two of the feathers go up my hip and on to my stomach. The other three feathers go up my ass and up my back towards my spine. I love them and can't wait to get them colored in over Thanksgiving.

I was very sore for the next 3 or 4 days, and I had to be very careful in deciding what to wear to make sure it didn't rub too hard. I was taking ibuprofen pretty regularly because I had to move around a lot at work. It was easy to wash and healed quite quickly, with only minor itchiness. The section that goes directly over my hip joint took longer to heal because it was "bent" from all the sitting I was doing. My advice about this type of tattoo: make sure you're comfortable with the artist, because you can't really wear anything from the ribs down in order to do it and don't wear underwear for the first week afterwards, it will make healing much more comfortable.

Adorn is a wonderful place for any body modifications. I've had my nose, nipples & 2 clit hood piercings done there and they also helped me out when my bellybutton piercings got angry because they weren't pierced right. I'm planning to get my tongue pierced when I go back in to get the tattoo finished, and another of the artists there is already starting designs for my next tattoo- a henna design from my right bicep to the middle of my collarbone.Everyone who works there is friendly and very helpful. I wouldn't suggest it if you just want a "tramp stamp" or a drunk tattoo(which you should never do anyway), but they are wonderful for fun, unique designs and all the artists are wonderful


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Eli
Studio: Adorn+Body+Art
Location: Portland%2C+OR

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