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First Tattoo

So I had been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for a while. I had religiously began watching shows such as Miami Ink, and while I admit they played a big part in inspiring me/egging me on, I definitely was definitely set on getting a tattoo even before that.

For my first tattoo, i wanted to keep it simple. I wanted to get something that was meaningful to me, but at the same time, something small and uncomplicated to keep my first tat simple. I have been deeply involved with music all my life, and it is definitely my biggest passion. I toyed with several "musical" designs, but i always kept going back to the simple and universal symbol of the standard treble clef. I finally decided to indeed get that design, the standard version as it is known by all, no fancy or abstract re-workings. I liked the idea of having a discreet but still noticeable tattoo on my wrist, and chose my left wrist since i figured i could always cover it up with a watch if need be.

So after doing extensive research about the various tattoo shops and artists in my area, i finally decided on Way Cool Tattoos Uptown, which seemed the most professional as well as claiming many local and national awards to its name. After being informed over the telephone that in order to make an appointment i need to come into the shop, I threw on my parka (it was the middle of December), and headed downtown. Coincidentally, Way Cool Tattoos was located conveniently close to my house (I live in the suburbs and all the other shops in Toronto are downtown).

I walked into the shop and saw a pretty albeit heavily-tattooed girl at the counter. I told her I wanted to book an appointment to get a tattoo. She asked me of what and where and other similar questions.

After a brief discussion and agreement upon what the tattoo would be, I booked my appointment time for next week and gave my deposit (which I was told would go towards the price of the tattoo). I also received a quote at this time which was very reasonable.

The next couple of days were spent in intense anticipation leading up to the day of my tattoo. On the day of, I left the house after downing several Nesteas (to get my blood sugar up)and drove through the snowy December weather to the tattoo shop.

Since it was during the middle of the day on a weekday, the shop was relatively empty. After waiting in the waiting area for about 10 minutes while my tattoo artist George prepared, I was called up.

I walked up and sat in the chair, and after the introductions and application of the various whatchyamacallits that they apply before a tattoo (disinfectants i believe), needle touched skin. It was kind of irritating at first, painful at some points, but after the first 20 seconds I started to barely notice it. George kept my focus on other things with pleasant conversation, and before i knew it the whole process was over. I took a look at my hand and was stunned at how good a job George did. Even the tattoo was small and relatively uncomplicated, to me it looked awesome. I thanked everyone at the shop, and left home with a fresh bandage. Sleeping was uncomfortable that night since i couldn't sleep on my hand like I always do, but i managed.

3 weeks and one fairly smooth healing process later (lots of Lubriderm), I had a piece of permanent art on me which I could be proud of. Now, every time I'm playing the drums or guitar, every drumstroke or strum of of the guitar brings my tat into view, and it inspires me all over again.

The whole process was so exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding, that less than a year later, I'm due for a quarter sleeve on my left arm. I can't wait.

To anybody who is thinking of getting their first tattoo, big or small, I definitely recommend doing it. The pain is definitely tolerable, and the rewarding feeling you get knowing that a piece of beautiful art is on you forever is amazing. Just make sure you research of what and where you want to get the work done.

To anybody in the Toronto area, i strongly recommend Way Cool Uptown, especially if you live in the suburbs (they have a downtown location as well). George did an awesome job on me but I'm sure all their artists are just as good.

I'll probably write another story when my sleeve is done, and let you know how that goes. Although it's going to take a lot more time and work to get done, I have no doubts I'll probably enjoy it even more than last time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: George
Studio: Way+Cool+Tattoos+Uptown
Location: Toronto%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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