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Butterfly Neck Tattoo.. Beautiful!

I had been debating for a while whether or not to get a tattoo on the back of my neck, but I'm really glad I did. I eventually decided on a pretty butterfly :) Nothing too fancy or over the top as I figured it's going to be in a place that will be on show most of the time. I took a while to think about how high up I was going to have it as the profession im in, it could be frowned upon. I decided that I could always cover the tattoo with my hair if need be, or with a scarf, or collared shirt. I didn't need to worry too much about it at the end of the day. I have 3 other tattoos and they're all very easy to cover up, so I didn't want this one to be any different.

I was booked in for the 2nd of October at 2 'o' clock. After having tattoos before, I wasn't too scared about going in for this one. I obviously felt nervous, but not as bad. I had something sugary to drink before I went in to prevent fainting or wooziness.

I was there nice and early so I filled out the questionnaire asking the standard questions (are you pregnant, have you drunk alcohol in the past 8 hours etc), and I was then called downstairs to have it done finally! I was told to sit on the chair with my head slightly bent forward. The artist had tattooed me before and I knew she was nice so I had nothing to worry about. I checked the placement of the tattoo and thought that it was perfect, so I sat back down and waited. I think the worst part of a tattoo is sitting and hearing the gun and knowing that it will be on your body any minute now! The pain wasn't too bad, it was bearable. I've had tattoos on my ankles and this was nothing compared to those! In places it was bad, particularly around the edges of my neck. The outline hurt the most, more than the shading. There was quite a bit more bleeding on my neck then I have had anywhere else. I'm not too sure if it's because the skin was a bit more thinner. After about half an
hour or so, it was all over and done with. The only thing that really hurt was having to hold my neck in one position for so long! You seem to forget what the tattoo feels like after and it's hard to answer people when they ask!

The artist wrapped it all up and told me to use Bepanthen [nappy rash cream] or Bach's rescue remedy. I've only ever used Savlon on my tattoos and I have heard that they can take colour out of the skin ans suffocate it, personally I have never had this before. I have been using the Bepanthen and it is working wonders! No pain, no itching, a slight scab but nothing like I've had before. I must add that this time I have been using latex rubber gloves [non powdered] to apply the cream to the tattoo. So I'm not too sure if this would make a big difference in the healing process or not. Might just make it a little bit more cleaner! I would say that I have found it a lot nicer than the Savlon, but I shall see after the healing process.I know a couple of people who have used it and they say it works miracles.

One day after the tattoo and everything seems to be going perfectly. It can be quite hard to move my neck around, if I wanted to turn it, I have to sort of move my whole body. You can deal with it though and it doesn't cause too much disruption. I found sleeping absolutely fine, and also showering. I was a bit worried about having shampoo or conditioner on the tattoo, but nothing seemed to irritate it. The tattoo artist did tell me however not to dye my hair until after it had healed!

I'd advise keeping the cling film on for as long as bearable. I took mine off after a few hours and I shouldn't have! It's very sensitive and if you have a top on it can rub it and tickle! Making you want to touch it. .

Finally, anyone thinking of getting a neck tattoo, go for it. They're in a really nice place and they're really pretty. The pain is really bearable! You have the option to cover them up if you want to. I'm really pleased with mine and I'm not too sure why I was so worried about it in the first place & I shall be having many more!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Mantra
Location: Cheltenham%2C+Uk.

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