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Tattoo Removal

When I turned 18 I knew I wanted to get a tattoo. I got my first tattoo a week after I turned 18, it was on my ribcage. The tattoo is of gardenias and spiders. It turned out really well so i decided I would go to the same guy to get my half sleeve done.

I decided to get a graveyard and a grim reaper. I got it to signify the death of my teenage cutting habit. So basically this tattoo was a scar cover up.

My tattoo is on my lower arm. Left side. It starts with a graveyard on my wrist. There is a tree to the right of the graveyard. And a huge grim reaper with an ugly one eyed face (it looks fucking stupid) to the left. There is a moon over the graves and 5 bats flying through the moon. It is completely black and white. I have a ton of scar tissue on my arm from cutting when I was younger. I wanted to cover it up. The artist put the grim reaper over the scars. It barely covers them everyone notices them. He failed me miserably. He knew it was a cover up tattoo and he barely covered the scars. What an ass.

I went back 3 times to get the whole thing finished. And because the artist made me feel secure in his ability I LET HIM FREEHAND! omg biggest mistake of my life. I hated it. I hate it now. It frickin sucks. The shading is terrible the design is stupid and the detail is lacking completely. It is a terrible tattoo and I knew the day it was finished I needed to get it the fuck off of me. So I went to the tattoo removal place and started the process. I was told I would need only 7 treatments to remove the tattoo since it is just black ink and only a few months old.

I went to my first treatment, which alone would cost me 400 dollars. I was in a bad mood that day and I was kind of sad to be removing a stupid mistake that would destroy my savings account and possibly my skin. I think it was just because I was emotional, not because the pain, I was balling the entire time. Don't get me wrong, it hurt. It hurt 5 times as much as getting the initial tattoo. It was terrible. I never wanted to do it again, however I had to do it a lot more.

I went to my second treatment. Oh and did I mention I'm having this done by STUDENTS, people who are LEARNING to use lasers. and it is still that much money. I do feel like I'm being ripped off. However, the lady who teaches the students is so confident and wonderful I'm okay with it. The second time the price went down to 350, and it hurt just as bad if not more but I didn't cry.

The fade was significant the first time but not really noticeable the second third or even fourth time. I've now had four sessions, I'm not happy with the progress but I have a faith in the overall outcome.

The procedure will probably cost me 2000 dollars plus the 600 for the actual tattoo. It sucks. The payments go down every time. However, from the initial statement of 7 treatments...it is now up to 10. Nothing ever seems to work out the way the professionals explain. It's always mediocre. Never amazing results. I wish thing would work out better.

It's itchy for weeks after the treatments. It blisters. It swells. It is extremely unpleasant. I only had this tattoo for three months before I decided to actually start the removal. It is a incredible waste of my time and money and it literally depresses me. I always thought I wouldn't be the stupid teenager to get stupid tattoos I'd regret. I can't believe this is happening to me, I thought the artist was a good choice. And I hope he feels bad about his shit work.

I learned my lesson. You get what you pay for. This is a terrible situation. I'm spending all my money on nothing, I have a shitty tattoo stuck on my arm, I wear long sleeves all the time even though it's really hot. I HATE IT. Never get a shitty tattoo by stupid tattoo artists. Research and uhg I learned my lesson. My next tattoo will be amazing.

Overall, my tattoo experience thus far has been traumatic. A waste of money. A waste of time. And an embarrassment. I really regret ever getting this tattoo. But I can't wait to get tattooed by someone amazing who actually has the great experience and portfolios and that will charge me more then 50 dollars an hour. Like I said I truly believe now that you get what you pay for.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jeff
Studio: Heebee+Jeebees
Location: colorado+springs

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