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Stars Towards The Sleeve - Original Yeah?

So, for a while I've been working on a project on my left arm, a full sleeve of stars. Which will eventually (if all goes to plan) extend onto my back and chest. I moved from the UK to live with my girlfriend in Berlin about 6 months ago and thought the time was ripe to add a few more. I've had all of my stars (except for 3 on my inner forearm) done in England. So now I had the task of finding a studio with a good reputation to work with.

The first studio I went to was one that I pass frequently on the way to work, I knew almost straight away that I wasn't going to let them anywhere near me! I had inquired before about getting a bridge piercing done there but was unimpressed with their unfriendly service and apparent lack of privacy. The studio consisted of a desk in one corner and a piercing / tattooing chair in the other. I should also mention that the entire front of the studio is windows, so passers by could happily oggle you while your getting inked up or pierced. I spoke to the guy behind the desk who looked bored and not bothered by my interest in getting more work done. Incidentally there was a woman being tattooed while all this was going on and the whole situation felt horrible so I just inquired as to a price and left.

After this I knew my next port of call straight away, Piercing Line, it was the place where I actually got my bridge pierced. Great studio, friendly, enthusiastic group of people with some excellent art work. So I arrived and spoke to the guy there with the best English as my German is still a bit rusty! He was very helpful and I spoke to him about how many stars I wanted to add, placement and colors etc. I decided on 8 stars all together running along my outer forearm in various sizes and colors. So we had a chat about price and we agreed that € 70 was reasonable. At this point the man who actually performed my bridge piercing walked in with his lunch. He mentioned to the guy I was talking to that he knew me and to knock a few € 's off for which I thanked him profusely. So we walked over to the desk to check out when we could do it. Although I was pretty unprepared for it the guys had a slot open for 2:00pm that afternoon (only an hour and a little bit away!) I thought well
it gives me time to get some food inside me and prepare myself a bit mentally. We put my name in the book and off I went for a greasy burger and a sugary drink. After sitting and eating in McDonald's for a bit I remembered that I had to get to the bank to get some money out so I went there as well.

I grabbed a bottle of Fanta and got back to the studio at about 1:40pm. The guy who would be tattooing me (Rud) was outside smoking a cigarette so I introduced myself and joined him for a quick smoke as well. We had a chat, in my best German, and it transpired he'd been tattooing for 26 years and even though I'd never met him before I had seen a fair amount of his work in the shop. What I saw looked great and I was eager to see how my stars would look. We went back inside and spoke again about placement and what colors and sizes I wanted. I sat in the waiting area while he got set up. I sat and signed the paperwork, paid and received an aftercare sheet and when he called me in I was very happy to see a spotless studio! I sat down and let him take the lead first with the marking pen and he drew on a few ideas of what he thought would look good. As he started drawing, erasing, adjusting and taking great care of the best places to be tattooed I was confident that the studio I ch ose was definitely a good one. Despite the fact I knew this already from having been pierced there!

He told me where he would start on my arm and what color each star would be and checked if that was OK with me. We decided that the 2 larger stars of the 8 we wouldn't fill in as we didn't want to overload my arm with color. While he got started we didn't talk so much as his English wasn't so great but primarily I got the feeling he liked a little bit of quiet while he worked and I didn't want to interrupt his concentration. He was very meticulous making sure the lines were dead straight and that the shadings and colors were all as we had discussed. It was great to watch him work and in about 1 hour 20 minutes we were done. Although it felt like a lot less as I'd been miles away mentally with my music on in one ear. When he was done wrapping my arm and going over the usual aftercare tips we decided to go and have another smoke before I left. We agreed that I would come back when it was healed so he could take a photo and see how it looked when fully healed. All in all it was
one of, if not the best tattooing experience I've had with helpful, friendly, passionate people who are excellent at their jobs.

Its been almost a week since I got it done and so far its healing nicely. I'm keeping it moist by applying a mild, fragrance free cream called Eldena 4 or 5 times a day and it seems to be working wonders with no scabbing over or obvious problems. I haven't got any pictures taken yet but as soon as I do I will upload them so you can see it for yourself. So that was my experience!

Thanks for reading.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Rud
Studio: Piercing+Line
Location: Berlin+-+Germany

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