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My First Tattoo

I always knew what I wanted for a tattoo. It was between a rosary thats, like, all tangled up (inspired by Alyssa Milano, she has the sweetest tattoos) or a Ouroboros (a snake eating its own tail. which means a continuous cycle of life.) I ended up getting the rosary on the right side of my shoulder blade.

I set up my appointment at Starlight Tattoo in Belleville, NJ with a girl name Missy. I scheduled it right on my birthday, when I turned 18. When my 18th birthday came it turned out that the bitch got sick and had to go to the hospital. What are the fucking odds? So, I was pretty pissed about that and we moved my tattoo to the week after.

I finally arrived at the shop, with my friend Ruth who came with me. I was soooo nervous and excited. So many thought rushing through my head like, what will my parents think, and especially will it hurt.

side note: I told my mom when she was sick in bed one day. I figured she has the flu, why not tell her i got a tattoo.

We wer waiting for a while, while she sketched out my picture, a picture I gave her like 2 weeks before. Then she was finally done and there we went. I had to pee really bad cuz i was totally nervous and told my friend to make sure she used new needles and all that shit. I finally got into the chair, laid on my back, and there she went. I told her to do one little line, so I know how it would feel (I highly recommend this technique on your first tattoo. Let them do like a single line just to see if you can take the pain.)

It went on for 45 minutes, all black and grey. Time goes by really fast when you talking a lot to your tattoo artist and with your friend. She was really nice. We talked about Miami and LA Ink and how a lot of tattoos aren't even like that, haha. people with crazy ass stories or something. she doesnt watch that bullshit. But to me, I think those shows are cool. I can care less about the stories and how they cheated death or something .... its about the designs.

At the end of my session she cleaned everything up-good thing I was wearing a halter top-and saw the outcome of my tattoo. I loved it, and was even better then I imagined. The feeling you get when you see your first tattoo done is exhilirating. You just want to walk around with a fucking neon sign that says "yo dude, I got a tattoo check it out." Becz what good is a tattoo if your not gona show it off? Like, fo real. The tattoo all together came out to about $175, plus the down payment. I don't go to Starlight anymore, bcz there prices are too expensive bcz of The Name, so I go to Shotsies on Route 23 in Wayne. Its a nice place too. I got the word "Imagine" on the back of my neck in honor of John Lennon & the meaning of the words, for only $60.

It itched like a bitch where I was constantly tapping my back like I did a good job every 5 minutes. I ended up getting weird pimples aroud the tattoo but not on it. That was disgusting. that's probably the worst part of getting a tattoo, having to itch yourself like crazy, where you look weird, lol. But, its all good now. I love it! and don't regret it.


1) If you getting your first tattoo & not sure how the pains gona be, it would be better if you asked your artist to do a line of yur tattoo, just to see if you can take the pain. The outlining is probably the party that hurts the most (but its not that bad, depends on where ur tattoo is) and then the filling in is a breeze.

2) Its always comforting to bring a friend with you your first time or any time.

3) Remember the ribs and chest and stomch is the most painful parts. my cousin was a dumbass and got on in the middle fo his chest and didn't think it hurt at all. He's a dork.

4) Get a tattoo you really thought hard about. Try not to put names unless its a family member or husband/bf you intend to keep in your life forever.

5) Always wear the proper clothing for whatever sport your gona get your tattoo. You don't wana be lying there in your bra or whatever getting inked up and stuff.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Missy
Studio: Starlight+Tattoo
Location: Belleville%2C+NJ

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