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MY first tattoo at fourteen

I've been wanting a tattoo for maybe a year, although I could have gotten it immediately, I wanted to choose the design carefully and to discuss with the artist. When i have chosen it, i put it up on a visible place in my room so that I could see it everyday and make sure that i won't get bored of it. It was there for maybe 11 months. I had to make sure that is something i want to keep on my skin until the end of my life and longer.

After some time when i have decided that this is what i want to have I went and checked on the local tattoo shops. I checked on quite a few of them but i have picked this one, mostly because i admired the artist's work and some of my friends have gotten their tattoos there. When i was certain about the design I took it to the artist so he could make a quote and make an appointment for me. I payed 200 Euros(292.48 U.S. dollars) for it although I expected it to be more expensive. He made an appointment for the Saturday, I expected it to be much later because I went there with my dad on Monday afternoon.

So on the day of the appointment I got up early and had a good breakfast because I heard that it was very important to prevent me from fainting if the blood sugar gets low. When I have finally arrived there with my dad the shop was closed. We waited for about ten minutes and then I called the artist to see where he was. He apologized saying that he thought we had an appointment for twelve o'clock instead of eleven. He was there shortly. He has opened the shop and started getting ready for the tattoo. It took about half an hour to prepare, he said that sometimes it took him more to prepare than to do the actual work. The autoclave was visible and he opened the needle in front of us.

He finally got everything ready shaved the hair on my right arm and cleaned it. Then he placed the stencil. He got it right the first time so there was no need to repeat it. I got in the chair, and finally it has begun! He first started with the outline which hurt in the beginning but then it just felt like vibrations, and I felt like I was high. The tattooing lasted for four hours and we made breaks every hour. The artist has bought some chocolate and an energy drink for me. He was actually pretty nice and we made conversation during his work. He was also playing the kind of music listen to which was pretty nice from him, and it made me feel more relaxed. So he was finally finished with the outline. Then he went on to the shading part. It didn't hurt one bit. It was like tickling and I almost fell asleep at one point. But when he got to my upper part of the arm close to the bone the pain was very unpleasant and it felt like my whole bone was vibrating but I didn't think abo ut stopping even for a moment. Something that is started should be finished, especially something that follows you your whole life.

Finally the tattoo artist finished the tattoo and told me to take a look in the mirror. It was great. I really loved it. The artist's assistant also said that it was great. After I have finished admiring my new piece of art the artist went over the aftercare with me and gave me the aftercare sheet. I must note that I am allergic to penicillin and the artist was very careful about this. He made sure that none of the things he used contained penicillin. He also called the pharmacy to make sure that the cream I am supposed to rub into the fresh tattoo did not contain it. After he did that he wrapped it in nylon foil and I was ready to leave! When I got in the car with my dad he said it looked powerful to him. That was the only word he used to describe it.

As soon as I got home I went to buy the cream and the soap. When my mom saw it she said that it looked disgusting but that it was my skin and that I could do whatever I wanted to do with it. It certainly didn't look disgusting to me. Right now four days have passed and it hurts less but the pain reminds me of getting sun burnt. But as people say something you love can not hurt.

After all I think that getting a tattoo is a unique experience and I would most certainly repeat it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dejan
Studio: Master+Tattoo
Location: Belgrade%2C+Serbia

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