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My First Tattoo Experience

Well hello everyone at BME, how is everyone doing?

Me? I'm doing so great because I just got my first tattoo on Thursday. (It's Monday today) I shouldn't get ahead of myself, I'll start at the beginning.

So I've wanted a tattoo since forever, almost literally. As long as I can remember I've wanted body mods of any type. Tattoo, piercing, just absolutely anything. So a few months back in the span of two weeks I got my tongue, snakebites and my eyebrow done. That satisfied my desire to get a tattoo for a while, but not long enough. So i finally decided that I was going to do it. My only problem was what to get done.

I had so many ideas and designs running around my head I couldn't choose just one thing. So I ruled out my big design ideas. Just so you have an idea of how many designs I want here's my list -

Pirate ship on my rib cage

Awesome line design on the other side of my ribs

Mermaid on my lower back

Boxing gloves on my hip

Phoenix on my back or hip

Stars design with latin on my neck

Lock and key on my wrists

I could go on and on about everything I want to get done and if I had the money or time I probably would get it all done. But unfortunately my parents hate tattoos and I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on the ink of my dreams.

So back to my actual tattoo experience. I made the final decision to finally get it done and called all my friends to see who was available to go with me. After plans were made to go downtown to the shop I had found online. I finally had to choose what I was actually getting done. It was between a latin phrase on my stomach or the boxing gloves on my hip. I thought that I wanted the boxing gloves with the text "hit it like a champ". I know it sounds kinda bad but it means something to me. I'm going out of a very hard few years and recovering from a pretty major illness. So it's not just about the literal meaning, it's about fighting against what's been holding you down. I really thought it was the right thing, I made an appointment at the shop and everything. But the thing is that the day of my appointment to get tattooed, i got sick and couldn't go. I thought I would just reschedule but they realized that maybe I was getting some sort of message.

So I didn't call back. I called a friend and she urged me to look at my design ideas again and figure out if I was even ready to get a tattoo. I decided that yes I was ready but that design wasn't for me just yet. I decided on a latin phrase on my stomach and pulled out my phrase pages. Trying to figure out what words would be perfect to etch in my skin forever is not the easiest choice to make. However, it all worked out. I chose the words "In Omnia Paratus". It means ready for anything. Which I think describes me perfectly.

Next was font choice, I know doesn't seem like an important choice but once you realize that it's going to be on your body forever, IT MATTERS!! Lol, sorry but seriously it is so important. To show how spontaneous with these things that I am, the morning of my tattoo was when I had the font crisis. I went online (just search fonts on google) and found really awesome sites. I printed my phrase in every font that I liked and just brought it with me. So the whole hour trip downtown I just looked at all the designs and tried figuring out what I wanted.

My friend chose for me and I'm glad she did cause she chose the best one of them all. So I've finally gotten to the shop. They can tattoo me today (forgot to mention I called that morning to book). My artist Mike comes out and takes my design and says he'll go get the stencil ready and be back in just a minute. So I'm left sitting in the waiting area going out of my mind. I was so nervous about the possible pain and everything.

So back comes Mike and he takes me upstairs into my own little private tattoo room. He does the whole disinfect, shave, clean routine. Takes out the stencil and makes sure that everything is spelled right and look good. It does so on the stencil goes. First time we're a little diagonal so stencil comes off and everything gets cleaned up again. Second time is the charm and it looks great. I'm trying to act calm and collected but I'm totally freaking out by this point. Is it gonna hurt? Am I going to panic? Do I look like a complete dork?

Well the time to think is gone cause I'm lying on a table while Mike is showing me all the single use needles and the sterilized equipment. Everything is good so we're all ready. He tells me that he's just going to do a small line to get me started and that if I need a break to just let him know. Line one is not bad at all, just a little pressure and a scratch. Not what I expected at all, it doesn't hurt, it's just a little uncomfortable.

My tattoo took a little bit over an hour. The pain was not bad, towards the middle of my stomach it got a lot worse. Still not unbearable but not nice at all. The shading which was also a fear of mine, friends have said it was the worst part, not bad. It was less painful than the outline. All in all my experience was amazing. Once everything was done I got cleaned up and bandaged. Through out the whole thing Mike kept me talking which helped to keep my mind off of the tattoo.

My experience at Passages was fantastic, not like I expected at all. Everyone was so nice and polite. My artist was really outgoing and definetly knew what he was doing. It's been four days and everything looks really good. I'm getting just a tiny amount of scabbing but no itchiness or redness. My lines are still crisp and clean, and everything looks and feels great. I mean I really can't said anything bad about the experience.

So if you're in Toronto and looking for a tattoo, Passages is the place for you. Ask for Mike and you'll have a great time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: MIke
Studio: Passages
Location: Toronto%2C+ON

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