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Have a Tattoo of something that means something to you not to impress others

Around 8 years ago I had my boyfriends name done on me in Cantonese. I went to a rubbish tattooist in a nearby town and he kind of put me off.
First of all I had to wait to hours to get my Tattoo done the Tattooist barely spoke to me before taking me in and was like sit down applied the transfer and was like that alright? The Tattooist also arrived to the shop over one hour late.

I was told to bend over a tiny stool in a ratty little room and was moaned at for slightly moaning about the pain of my first ever tattoo.

To be honest it felt like the Tattooist didn't care about me being in pain or what I was going to have done, there was no real consultation and the guy didn't put me at ease even though he could see how scared I was.

He kept saying to me that the colours weren't taking on my skin and he went over one line over 6 times, by this point you can imagine how sore my skin was and how fed up I was. When he eventually finished my shoulder Tattoo but by now my back was so bloody and all he did was to cover it with some kitchen towel!

I left the tattooist with no real advice about the aftercare of my Tattoo and feeling sore and annoyed at the Tattooist, let's just say that my first experience wasn't quite how I wanted it to be. After a year of having my Tattoo it looked patchy and the colour was not black but blue.

Anyways 7 years on and I had been thinking about my next Tattoo for a while, I was finishing my final year at University at the time. Getting a Degree was something I thought I would never achieve so I wanted to mark the occasion and I thought a Tattoo was the best way to do this.

I thought about all the images I love and wanted something that I wouldn't end up regretting. I decided I would get a star for every year I was at University. I looked on loads of websites without a lot of luck but eventually I found the image on the BME site and took it to Gary at Living colour to ask his advice on the tattoo. Originally I was going to make the Tattoo symmetrical but the boys advised me not to and said that the angles are what make the design unique. I'm glad I listened to them because they were so right! They could have just done what I'd asked but I think that's what sets a Tattooist artist apart from a one that's in it for the money. I think the Artist should care about their work and not just the money they make from your choice.

Anyway I booked my appointment for a Saturday and the guys advised me that it would take at least one hour to do the Tattoo.

Gary started on the outline of the stars and I must admit it was a little bit painful on the slimmer parts of my back and I was thinking that I should have gone for thinner edged stars (although I love them now and I would have hated thinner ones really). Anyway the edges were the most painful parts but not unbearable by any means and I have a low threshold for Tattoos to be honest. Gary was very understanding though he offered me breaks if I wanted them and made me laugh I can honestly say I really enjoyed the experience.

Anyway Gary did a fantastic job of my Tattoo and gave me advice on aftercare and the colours still look great now, its perfect and loads of people I know love it.

A month later I was back in to get another Tattoo on my hip done by Gary and I plan to get a Foot Tattoo done by him soon. I'm so pleased by my Tattoo that I wouldn't let alone else Tattoo me now.

If you live in Berkshire go to see Gary he is truly a gifted artist. Just remember think about exactly what you want where you want it and why, it's usually the Tattoos that don't mean anything that people end up regretting. Although my Tattoo is quite big if I have a normal length top on, no one would know I have one because I had my Tattoo done for me and not to show off to other people.

Have a Tattoo because you want it and not to impress others or to look hard, Tattoos are like living art they should be appreciated and loved for life. Visit www.livingcolourbracknell.com to get in touch with the guys and see their portfolios.

Hope this story inspires people to get inked.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Living+Colour+Bracknell
Location: Bracknell+Town+Centre%2C+Bracknell%2C+Berkshire.

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