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Get it on the neck!!

Ok, so my first tattoo experience was two years ago. I was so tired of piercing and mad haircuts/colors... I wanted something to really capture 'me' and to show who I was to the world. I hate to blend with the masses, After all, there is only one 'me' and one 'you'. There is a lot of stigma still attached to neck tattoos or just visible tattoos in general, which really annoys me! Especially as Ireland is not the most open-minded of countries. So I'm putting out a good word for all us girls who to like ink! I believe that people should get a tattoo that mean something to them and not jut because it's a popular design because you could end up regretting it. I had wanted a tattoo on my neck for years and I was finally old enough to get one, so I was up in Dublin with my mam one day and I asked her could I get the tattoo for a Christmas present. She said yes and we walked up the steps into the parlor. I was soooo excited I had butterflies!

When we got in, it was quite busy, which is always a good sign! There were three other people ahead of me, two guys and a girl. One of the men was covered in ink. He had two full sleeves, his neck and his calf done. I was like 'who better to ask about getting a tattoo on your neck!' So while the tattoo artist was busy with a big biker who was getting the second half of his massive tribal finished, I chatted to ''jack''- I forget his name! He had a chequered flag on his neck, it looked really amazing and he had surfaces piercing going through it. He said that the neck was quiet painful and my neck would be very tender to move, but I was still determined! I asked what it would feel like afterwards and he said ''like a tattoo'' but he said if he had to describe the feeling, it would feel similar to a fresh burn. By this time, the bikers tatt was finished and bleeding quite heavily through the bandages, but I reasoned with myself that my design wasn't that big, so it wouldn't ble ed that much!

I looked through all the design books and chose a Yin and Yang symbol surrounded by spirals. I fell in love with it the second I seen it! And, plus I was into the whole being 'centered and balanced' thing at the time. I even had a Mohawk to centre my mind! I asked my brother for his opinion, he said it was pretty kick ass, so that just compelled me even further. Before I had seen the Yin and Yang design, I had wanted a black outline of an Aztec sun or a barcode.

Anyway! Once I had chosen the design, I was brought into the tattoo room and I had to lie sideways across the chair, feeling slightly nervous but really excited! The Tattoo artist put the stencil of my design onto my neck to see if I liked the size/position, (about an inch under my right ear) which I did. The first few seconds were amazing, such a sting! I half expected him to change to a bigger needle! Definitely not as bad as others had made out! Bunch o' wimps I thought! After a few minutes, it numbed slightly. So I was just sitting there, chatting away about random things and before I knew it, my very first tattoo was finished! It looked a bit red and there was excess ink everywhere! But it was beautiful in my eyes. After it was done, I enjoyed the feeling so much, I asked him to go over it again. It felt like a burn after awhile, but I was on such a high! It took a few days for the notion to sink in that 'This is forever' Random people still walk up to me and complime nt it, which I love! (It's easily seen because I've got short hair) I had school the neck day...and well let's just say the teachers weren't too happy! My principle actually called me to his office and asked me to wash it off..He was shocked to learn it was real! Ha Ha For once, something they couldn't confiscate on me! My dad absolutely hated its too, he was in denial of its existence for weeks. He kept saying ''you wouldn't be that stupid to get a real tattoo, on your neck of all places!) HA little does he know, my stupidity is vast but I shan't ever regret it!

I have four tattoos now and counting! They're really addictive, much more so then piercing!

After a few months, I was told that a neck tattoo is not a good first choice, as it's supposedly one of the tenderest spots. The muscle in my neck afterwards went all stiff and hard, I found that more painful then the tattoo itself but I would do it again, no bother! Still my favourite Tattoo I would say to anyone one who wants a neck tattoo, go for it! Hope my story helped


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Zulu
Location: Temple+Bar

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