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Chest Script-1st tattoo

All my life I have been fasinated with tattoos, always telling my mum that I would one day get one, she would always tell me that I shouldnt because I will regret it and it will look gross when Im an old man.

Which could be true, I could look back at a tattoo later in life and say "I wish i never got this", or I could say "I wish i got that when I was younger".

So when I turned 18 and was legally aloud to get a tattoo, I promised myself I would only get tattoos that are meaningful and will guide me through my life, carry memories, journeys, up's and down' of my life on my body.

I took a long year of thinking what I would want to get and what I want, I wanted something meaningful that would guide me through my life and to remind me to always live my life how I want to, to follow my dreams and see where life takes me by my own rules.

In my eyes nothing could be worse than living your life how someone else wants you to.

So after a good year I finally knew exactly what I wanted and took a few months to think it through first.

No matter how much I wanted a tattoo I always knew I wouldnt be dumb and get something I may regret later in life.

So me and my girlfriend and our good friend decided to get on the train from Albion Park and go to Thirroul to check out Soul Expression Tattos, I had heard nothing but good things and seen some work they had done on a few friends.

We rocked up and had a cigarette outside the store, we went in and booked for 3weeks later.

As the date got closer I started to get a bit nervous and excited at the same time.

Finally the day came to get my first tattoo, my girlfriend and I woke up and got onto the train to Thirroul, we rocked up exactly on 1pm, we went into the store and butterflys grew in my stomach.

Brad said he was running a bit later and that he wont be to long, So we went and had a few cigarettes and after a while head back to the shop.

Brad pulled out the design he had drawn up for me and asked if I liked it, I told him that I couldnt be happyer with it, it was perfect, exactly what I had in my mind, he measured me up and took 20minutes or so to draw the design on the stencil paper.

He set up the tattoo gun and all the ink's and cleaned the area we were working in and asked me if I was ready to go.

I thought my nervous would be alot more intense than they were but Brad made me feel really comfortable and relaxed, he made a few jokes and talked me through everything.

I lay down in the chair and he started tattooing "Live by the Heart" on my chest. Although maybe a little cleche' its straight to the point and thats how I wanted it.

The needle hit my skin and I thought to myself "this isnt that bad", it hurt alot, but it was barable, I had always heard people say that the chest is one of the most painful spots.

I sat their and took it as it came, it was easy but the worst part was when the needles hit the collarbone and my abdomen.

I talked to Brad and my girlfriend to pass the time and that really helped.

Once the outline was finished he cleaned me up abit than we all went outside for a cigarette.

We soon headed back in and started on the shading and colouring, Brad told me the worst was over and that I can just relax now, so he starte doing the shading, and to be honest it was a relief, he did the black and then the red colouring in the middle of the writing.

Once Brad finished two of the words on one side of my chest, he would turn the chair around and do my other side, which became annoying as my chest started to become numb and used to the rythem into feeling like we were starting all over again.

After about 2 and a half hours we were finished.

He cleaned me up and I looked at my brand new first tattoo, I loved it and told him what a good job he did, I handed over my $250 and told Brad I would be back to see him again sometime soon.

I love my chest script and wouldnt of asked for a better artist and a better design.

I will be returning to Soul Expression Tattoo soon to get my feet done.

It was truly a great experience and im so glad I got it done


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Brad
Studio: Soul+Expression
Location: NSW

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