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Thanks for the memories...

About a year ago, I moved halfway across the country for school. This move marked the first time I had ever been away from home (my family) for more than a month. I was excited and scared and everything in between to get on with this new adventure in my life. I knew that I would be lonely (because while a few of my friends were moving to my state...they were still 4 hours away in Houston), so I decided to get a puppy. A friend from Dallas, still 4 hours away, happened to have some miniature dachshund puppies available, and let me have pick of the litter. And what a pick she was. Delilah was the best dog I have ever had. She was smart and cute and all sorts of snuggle-able. And I miss her dearly.

I went home to visit the fam a few months ago and took my constant companion, little D, with me. One evening I was out with an old friend when I got a frantic phone call from my mom asking where Delilah was. The last time I had seen her, she was in the backyard with my parents' two dogs. I rushed home to find her gone. After 3 hours of searching I got another frantic phone call, this time from a woman who had accidently hit my dog. I was devastated and spent the next week in an inconsolable funk. I returned to Texas with all of my dog's things, but without her. I finally started perking up and ended up with two new miniature dachshunds thanks to the kindness of friends and family who couldn't stand to see a girl without her wiener...dog.

A few weeks ago I began toying with the idea of a new tattoo. I've been tossing a few ideas around in my head, but Erin suggested I get something to remind me of Delilah, who had been like a child to me. Of course I wasn't going to get a tattoo of Delilah (because as much as I loved her...wiener dogs aren't necessarily typical beauties), but I knew just thing. I've always been a fan of skulls, etc, and Delilah's travel bag had a skull on it as well. I decided to get a girly little skull with a bow and hearts for eyes to represent my girly little puppy.

This past Saturday I showed the design to Jon, who did a bang-up job on my roommate's tattoo, and he said it'd be a piece of cake. He asked if he could do some shading, which I readily agreed to. He took some time tracing my design and improving my misshapen hearts (I'm no artist!). He then was very patient while I went back and forth over what size I wanted it, suggesting that we not go too small because it wouldn't look nearly as good, but not too big because then it'd be all over my breast, which would be far too painful for me to take. I finally was able to decide and he went ahead to make the stencil and set out all of his supplies. We decided on the perfect placement. I already knew I wanted it on my left rib cage, but we moved it twice to get it just right. Then it was time to begin. The pain wasn't nearly as intense as some have led me to believe. Not to say that it was painless, though. There were some points that made me wince or draw in a quick breath. A nd I'll be honest, but the time he was doing the final shading, I'd just about had enough. The whole area was understandably sore and tender and I wasn't sure if I could take a whole lot more. I soldiered on! The guys in the parlor were great at keeping me distracted and Jon was very cool about asking if I needed breaks. Apparently they had a guy in there a few days ago who actually cried in pain while getting a tattoo on his biceps. For real? After about 45 minutes my tattoo was done, Jon wrapped me, and gave me my sheet of aftercare instructions. He wants me to come back in a month to see how it looks.

Jon did some amazing shading with grays and white in the skull and crossbones as well as some awesome pink work in the bows, eyes, and nose. My roommates (and Jon's colleagues) were very impressed with the result. Even people who I told about the tattoo before I got it (and who expressed their dislike of skull tattoos) think this tattoo is pretty amazing.

Two months after I lost my baby, I now have a beautiful reminder of her that I carry close to my heart.

Memories (much like tattoos) are forever.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jon
Studio: South+Paw
Location: San+Antonio%2C+TX

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