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My Very First Tattoo!!

Wow this was a crazy experience. A while back when I turned 21 I wanted a tattoo then, chickened out though. Now I was just waiting for the right moment. I mean money was an issue, and I do have to say I was a little scared about what it would feel like. I've gotten so many different people telling me so many experiences they had, so I didn't know who if anyone of them I should listen to. In the end, I listened to myself, and just went.

Yesterday I walked into the tattoo shop and was just asking about different kinds and sizes, Adam was so nice, and he helped me with every question I had. So he was telling me approximate prices depending on size, so I told him something not huge, but something kind of girly. In a cute place, thinking about the inside of my right wrist. After letting him know my idea on having it done in that area, Adam told me having a tattoo done in that place since it's so sensitive isn't always the greatest place to get your first. So instead, we chose on the other side of my right wrist, about an inch or so below my wrist itself on my arm not my hand. Now at this point I still hadn't made up my mind on if I wanted to do this or not, so all of a sudden he asked me when I was looking to get this done? I in my own mind thought about it and figured out in a few weeks, more than likely that's when an opening will be available. To my armament, he says " How about 7:00 tonight?" My jaw almost hit the floor, but from then, my tattoo appointment was set up.

(I made the appointment at 4:00 PM and was supposed to be back at 6:45 PM, to give me time to sigh a paper and calm down a bit. So this was real last minute.)

As I run into the house telling everyone, what I was doing later that day, the only thing running through my mind is "who will go with me at such a last minute!?" So I ended up calling like 8 different people, they were either working or had no gas. So I finally called my Aunt Dede, as soon as I told her what I needed she was at my house in an hour. When Dede got to my house she tried everything to calm me down, but I just wasn't hearing it at the point.

We get to the tattoo shop, and Adam is right there waiting. He said he needed me to read a form and if I understood everything, I needed to check everything off, sign and date it then give it back with my ID so he could copy it onto the back of the permission form. So after that was said and done I paid, and he asked me to sit down, relax and he was getting the stencil ready. He'll be back in a couple minutes. He walks out and asks me if I'm ready, and I get up nodding like a fool. So I sit down in the chair, and he's putting black gloves on and taking everything out of sterol packages, the whole place is just so clean. So we pick on the colors ( black and pink) and it all began. Adam said since this was my first time, there are some rules, First, breathe, they don't want me passing out, Second, relax and just talk, Third and one of the most important, don't move, if I move then he moves, and the tattoo will look bad.

So he wiped my arm down and shaved off the little hairs, then squirts this little bottle on my arm that felt like oil, rubbed it on my arm and placed the stencil on. Then put a few more sprays of the oil feeling stuff, rubbed it around on the stencil then took off the paper. Had me look in the mirror to make sure I liked where it was, I did, so I sat down and at that point I couldn't shut up. So he said he's going to do a line to see if I'm ok, he does 1 line and I started to laugh, I thought it would be so much worst. So he went on and I kept talking, it only took about a half hour to 45 minutes, and I was looking in the mirror. So as me and Dede were freaking out over this sweet tattoo, I sat down as he was telling me what to do. Adam said to keep my bandage on for 1 hour then take if off to let dry for 1/2 hour. Then was gently with antibacterial soap then put on the A & D Ointment. You know the whole scab thing, if you scab over don't mess with them, they can leave scars
and can pull up your ink.

All in all I love my tattoo, I got a Nautical Star in Black and Pink.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Adam
Studio: Year+of+the+Dragon
Location: Auburn%2C+New+York

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