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First Tattoo, Ball of Nerves.

Once upon a time, the little girl once known as ME hated the idea of scarring up your body with a tattoo, because then you'd have to live with it for your entire life.

As ME grew up, I realized that I really could not wait to get my first tattoo because I became highly interested in tattooing and piercing over the years. I knew a lot of people who got tattoos just because they turned 18 and wanted a symbol of their new legal ability..but this was never the case with me. I genuinely just really wanted some ink done and it's something I always wanted to at least experience. I begged my parents for what seemed like forever, and they continued to say no. Even though I'm 18 going on 19..off in college in another city ..living on my own, the answer was always "HELL no." Well, It's just that I've got so much respect for my parents that I wouldn't go get a tattoo without their permission. (yeah, make fun of me, sure.) I wont bore you with another story on how parents just don't understand, instead ill just skip to the part where one day my mom finally decided that I could. I made sure to make the appointment to go get my tattoo about 10 minutes aft er she said this, just in case she would change her mind later.

I knew exactly what i wanted, the wonderful seven circles and triangle that when put together form the Keywork...or, Coheed and Cambria's band logo. I'm a HUGE fan of the band. Incubus is my favorite band but, we'll save the bigger tattoo for my next one. This one had to be small enough to satisfy my mother, and big enough to satisfy myself...the girl kind of afraid of needles who is somewhat allergic to pain.

I walked into the tattoo shop with my mom and right away my tattoo artist Jessie began drawing up and sizing my keywork. I was perfectly fine until I sat down on that special chair to reach my lower back. That's when I realized that theres no turning back now. Here's where the story gets real geeky, I begged my mom to hold my hand, much like she did right before I would get my blood drawn or something when i was a kid. As soon as the needle hit my skin I kind of jumped, but only out of shock to a new feeling. It really was completely painless. It was an annoying feeling, yea, but i wasn't crying or begging for it to be over like I imagined I would. I also thought that I would have blood streaming down my back but that did happen either. Jessie was real comforting too, and real cool so it's not like I had some toughguy tattoo artist looking at me like the baby I was for having my mom hold my hand.

15 or 20 minutes later, I've got the coolest damn thing tattooed on my lower back (hip) and I'm 100% satisfied.....or 95% satisfied right now because I'm waiting for it to heal haha. I work at a summer camp and the whole no swimming thing is getting me in slight trouble with my bosses, but they'll get over it. The summer will be over very soon and I'll be back in college soon.

I don't see myself hating this band in 10years, they're too damn epic to ever be considered "done."

Since then it's scabbed up, fallen off, and right now it looks more chalky white blue than the deep black it used to be. But it's only been a week and one day since so I'm told it's still healing, cool. I'm a light-skinned black girl so I really hope that my black ink doesn't end up green like I've seen on some other people, but I guess it shouldn't.

Can't wait for the next one, and the next one, and the next one that I've been planning since. So, as soon as my pockets start to expand I'll start on that. And no, mom will not be present ;)

She mostly was there because she wanted to make sure that the place was doing everything the sterile way.

Which they did, Jessie was 100% careful with sterilization. I highly recommend Electric Expressions as a great tattoo shop for anyone in the New Orleans area.

You gotta say my mom is kind of awesome for saying HELL NO for so many years and then in the end HOLDS MY HAND while getting it done! She hated every moment of me getting tattooed and hated that I was getting it to begin with. It all worked out great though, now when she looks at it, she continuously tells me just how much she really likes it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jessie
Studio: Electric+Expressions
Location: Kenner%2C+Louisiana

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