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Adding on - outline

I already had a tattoo on my upper back of three roses (my first tattoo), and I felt like they just sat there. So, I wanted to get plenty added on. Plus, no one in my family or out of my friend's have a back piece, and I like to be unique.

Patrick was my previous artist, and I felt like he needed to be the one to add things on. I knew I wanted vine work and more rose buds. And when I got the first part done, I had wanted to add some script but didn't know what I wanted. So after many months of looking at quotes and insperational stuff, I finally choose the Latin saying, Aut viam inveniam aut faciam , which means "if I can't find a way, I shall make my own". I'm going to school for teaching and Latin always has appealed to me. Since this tattoo was a symbol of all the crap I've been through in the last 3 years, I felt it was appropriate.

So I made the appointment, and had to reschedule several times because of work, but I finally got a date.

So the day finally arrived. I requested several days off from work to have time to relax and heal (I love my manager!!). I got up around 5 in the morning to let my cat outside, and the panic set in. I had seen the preliminary sketch a few days before and knew it was going to be huge. As much as I tried, I couldn't get back to sleep. I was calling my mom, and she couldn't get me to calm down. My stomach was turning, and I felt overall sick. I thought, "What the hell? I've done this before!" But this time the tattoo was big...really big compared to the first one.

I finally managed to get a nap in a few hours before my 1 p.m. appointment. I hang out in the shop pretty often, since I work across the street, and I also get all my piercings there. Patrick still had a few last minute touches for the sketch, so my sister and I went to get a bite to eat.

About a half hour later, we came back tot he shop and starting getting ready. He shaved my back, which felt really strange, and put the stencil on. He then freehanded some vines over my shoulders. I was calmer and straddled the chair like last time. It had been about a year since the first time so much of the memory of the pain had left me. But it all came back when the needle first touched my flesh. I knew I was in for a hell of a time.

We took breaks every 45-minutes or so. The pain was pretty bad, but I took it okay. My mom was just so amazed at how well I sat there. And even Patrick, who is very serious, even said I sat like a trooper. After about 4 hours, and after slowly working from the bottom up, the time for my neck came. One of the roses buds is one the back of my neck. Most of the outline had been uneventful till then. I was very tired, the endophins weren't pumping as steadily anymore, and I was sore. The second he touched my neck, I burst into tears. I just couldn't hold them in anymore. The pain mixed with the exhaustion just did me in.

I was very embarassed to say the least, and it didn't help that my mom was there to watch. She hated seeing me break, and I hated breaking. but that was the last of the outline. I was done, and it's gorgeous for now. After wrapping me up, I paid and was one my way. My mom and I picked up some Aquaphor. I got home and showered, cleaning it very carefully with Cetiphil, and applied a coat of the nasty Aquaphor. Ugh, I hate that stuff.

In about 2 or 3 weeks, or whenever i have enough money, shading and color will be added. I'm a bit tired still and since sleeping is a bit difficult, I didn't sleep well. But the reactions I'm getting from just people off the streets is enough to up my spirits, and I have something that'll protect my soul for the rest of my life. All the people I've shown it to think it's gorgeous, and I have to agree with them.

My boyfriend is going to shit a brick when he sees it though! He isn't modified at all, but we've been together for 4 years, and he came with me to see the sketch, so he know's its big...But he's still going to freak! Ha, I can't wait to show him tomorrow! :P


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Patrick
Studio: Admiral+Tattoo
Location: West+Seattle%2C+WA

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