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Never leave tattoo guns unattended around drunk teens.

I was about thirteen or fourteen when this 'tattoo' happened, and this was back before the days of me being straight edge, so as you can predict, I was trashed after a huge party at my then, boyfriends place. The boys and I, returned to my buddies house that night around 4am, totally smashed and high as kites. Being me however, I immediately passed out on his sofa, leaving a room full of immature, intoxicated boys, looking for something to do, and even being heavily under the influence, I was still the responsible voice of reason, but what could possibly go wrong? This is where I'm told things get bad. Bob (name changed) found his brother's old tattoo gun and supplies upstairs, and in a drunken stupor decided that I would love to have a floral design upon my face (Keep in mind, at this time of my life, I hated flowers). Everyone else, decided that, this was a good idea, and proceeded to let him tattoo me, and apparently praising his in-genius idea, to ruin my fac e, although thats far from the way they saw it at the time. Thankfully the original pain of the tattoo woke me up from my drunken sleep, and I only received a tattoo the size of a freckle about 5 cm under my right eye. Long story short, that night ended with me being incredibly violent, and angry towards anyone and everyone that was around at the time of the "tattoo", due to the combination of drugs, alcohol and anger for doing that too me, while I was unaware and passed out.
Thankfully the tattoo itself healed well, even though I didn't clean it, or look after it at all, and somehow I had no problems with it. Keep in mind, If I knew anything about tattoos at the time, I would have cleaned and looked after it. My parents still believe its just a dot of eyeliner I place there everyday, to create a desired look, and somehow it never goes away, no matter how much I wash my face...Over time it has faded to a lighter black, almost brown color, and it now looks like a regular freckle on my already pretty freckled face. When I go for my first REAL tattoo, I will ask them to redo the tattoo, because I have strangely fallen in love with it, even with the stupid story behind it. Somehow, the entire experience made me love and appreciate body mods more and more. As well as made me want to get more tattoos. All because of one stupid night, I have fallen head-over-heels in love with body modifications, so much so that I intend on becoming a profes sional piercer and possibly tattoo & scarification artist, as well when I finish high school.
However, I do not by any means, recommend the drunken tattoo gun/teenage artist way to get your first (or any tattoo for that matter) tattoo, Even though, in the end, nothing bad has come from this, This experience was possibly the stupidest and one of the more dangerous things I have ever done so far in my entire life.

I was extremely lucky not to have gotten seriously sick, or had a serious infection, due to the environment, the lack of experience, and the general cleanliness of the tattooer, my skin, the room, and most importantly the tattoo gun. Somehow, I doubt that a room full of drunken 16-19 year old boys, would properly sterilize the gun before using it on me. Thankfully, I woke up before Bob, went any further, or I may have had a facial floral design that could have covered (according to the others in the room) half of my face, from the left temple to the right side of my jawline. I would have hated for that and them, rest of my life. Now I only refuse to drink again, and for that I am no longer friends with the kids.

The tiny dot, I do have now, is always a conversation starter, and I get so many compliments on it, actually, My tattoo is the reason that my ex and I met. So overall, my experience turned out to be a great experience, even in the worst possible of situations. As long as the end justifies the means I guess is the best way to look at a crazy and stupid teenage experience. I love my freckle sized beauty mark, and around my area many of the girls have started copying it with makeup.
BUT The moral of the story is:Never EVER leave tattoo guns and equipment where stupid drunken teenagers can get their intoxicated little fingers on it, because the end of this story could have been a hell of a lot worse for me, than it did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: a+kid+with+a+tattoo+gun
Studio: a+basement+in+london
Location: London%2C+Ontario

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