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In memory of a wonderful woman

For a long time I have been wanting to get a tattoo in memory of my Nan, something that would mean a lot to me. My Nan was the type of person who would love anyone no matter what, would treat my friends as if they were part of the family and never forgot anyone's birthday even if they weren't related to her.

So for ages I had been thinking of a design, something that would fit, something that felt right. In the end I decided I wanted a horse as a part of the design because I always remember the ivory horses that were in her house that are now are in mine, I loved them as a kid so it defiantly brings back memories. I then decided I would have the front of a horse with butterfly wings attached to the back of the horse; I guess you could say like a Pegasus design.

Around ten years ago my Nan died of breast cancer, it broke my heart to hear the news and going to her funeral killed me even more I didn't want to believe it was real. But I'd rather have happy memories of her rather then remembering her funeral, this is the reason why I wanted this tattoo.

So when I finally drew up a rough design I took it down to a local tattoo artist in Leiston, I booked in an appointment which meant I had to wait at least three and a half months for it. The first thing was getting the tattooists designer to draw up my design as mine was only rough I changed the wings a couple of times but finally the design was finished and I was completely happy with it.

The three and a half months seemed like forever but finally it came to the day, my mate from work decided she wanted to come with me so she said she would drive me up there and back. We got there and we all decided to have a cigarette before we started it calmed my nerves a bit.

I was only nervous because I had been told that your side is a very painful place to get tattooed and I was planning on getting it done all in one sitting which meant three to four hours of pain.

I went into the room where I was about to be stabbed with a needle a million times so I could have the stensil placed on me and the woman said if only it was as easy as that, I really wish it was. I had a look at the placement and I was happy with it.

The tattoo artist Lee then asked me to get on the table type bed thing laying there all nervous expecting the worst pain ever whilst he was getting his equipment ready. Finally he had started and to my surprise the outline felt like something just vibrating against my skin, I thought to myself this will be easy and boy was I wrong.

When Lee had got to the shading the pain started coming after an hour or so I had my first break and I was actually shivering, thought I was just cold at the time but later I was told it was from the shock. We got back to business and towards the end of the shading I felt myself pulling away I really couldn't take anymore so I decided it was time to stop.

Now before anyone thinks I was getting stupid over a tiny tattoo, my tattoo is six inches length ways and five inches in width and I was actually planning to have it bigger which I'm quite glad I didn't because I hate to think how little I'd have done if it was bigger.

Whilst having the tattoo after quite a bit of the shading it wasn't the pain from the bit he was doing at the time it was from what he'd already done that was hurting me. After he'd finished he cleaned the tattoo up and put some gel stuff on it and he then got his partner in to come wrap me up.

I paid Lee and said thank you as he'd done an awesome job but as I hadn't booked in a second appointment as I thought I was going to have it all done in one I wouldn't be able to get one for quite a while so they suggested I come in on one of their walk in days but I'd have to get there pretty early as it's first come first served.

So I have to wait a month before I can go back just so the tattoo can heal but I'm really excited to get it finished. When I got home and after an hour of having the cling film on I took it off to clean my tattoo and put the tattoo goo on. Cleaning it wasn't too bad quite relaxing to be honest but when I put the tattoo goo on it was hell, it felt like someone had slapped my tattoo real hard after I'd just had it done. So as you can probably guess I wasn't looking forward to putting it on again.

I only got my tattoo done about a week ago so it's gone past the scabbing stage quicker than normal because I woke up one morning and the tattoo was kind of flaking even though I'd been putting the tattoo goo on at least five times a day so it isn't looking too pretty at the moment but I can't wait for it to heal. I've showed my friends at work and they all like it though one said that I should just leave it in black and don't add any colour and I'd never thought about it before so now I'm trying to decide whether to leave it black or the add the colour.

This tattoo is by far the best one I have not just because it means something to me but also because the tattooist done such a great job, so I've now found my local tattoo artist.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Lee
Studio: Reactor+Tattoos
Location: Leiston

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