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Cherry Blossoms Cover-up

Earlier this week I went to Body Graphics in South Windsor, CT, and got a tattoo. I am totally excited about it, since it's been about 3 years since I last got tattooed. I found Body Graphics just doing an online search for local tattoo/body piercing places, and then checking out reviews. They had all great reviews from customers, and I definitely wanted to check them out.

I had decided over the last few weeks that I wanted to cover my ankle stars. I had them done while I was living in Boston. I liked the idea of the stars, and I wanted to do them small and without outlines so that they would be softer and lighter on an area that would be more often visible. They didn't turn out well. They just ended up looking much like colored blobs, because unlined tattoos tend to soften edges a lot more easily, especially when they're that small (less than 1/2 an inch). The color also was dull because of the light colors and a reaction I had to the pink ink when they were done.

I originally looked at doing a ladybug to cover it up, as I thought that would be fitting for Max, my Dalamation who died a couple years ago. But I drew several versions, and I drew it on my ankle, and I just didn't like it. So I looked for more ideas, and I came back to cherry blossoms. I knew it was right because I felt settled with it right away, unlike my other ideas.

I have always liked cherry blossoms. I love Asian aesthetic, and cherry blossoms are no exception. I just love their shape and color, and the falling petals. They simply just appeal to me. I always wanted to get them, but I figured that I wouldn't be able to because of the pink ink reaction I had.

So I figured, I will at least ask, and if they say I shouldn't get this done because of the reaction, then I'll find another idea. I had also wanted to get a tongue web piercing done, so I wouldn't be leaving empty handed if I couldn't get the tattoo appointment as a walk-in.

So I went in, and asked about the piercing, which I was immediately informed was not done there. OK, so that made things easy.

I showed the receptionist the idea I had drawn up for the cherry blossom. I had drawn up a couple of blossoms with a blue background, because I thought that covering the blue with pink would be problematic. Jes, who was to be my tattoo artist, checked it out and said the blue would not be difficult to cover at all, because of its lightness. He recommended doing bigger flowers so the detail would really be visible, and be able to cover the whole area. I asked him about my previous reaction to pink, and he said that since I hadn't had a reaction to the red on my back, I should be fine, and there could have been a number of other reasons for the irritation.

He went back and copied up the designs, and I browsed through the portfolios, all of which looked really great. Jes came back to show me what he had come up with. He recommended doing one larger flower to really get the detail. I agreed with him, and we went to get started. Luckily he could take me as a walk-in because his appointment had canceled on him.

I liked the shop's set up of small individual rooms. The room we were in was bright yellow, with action figures and a framed picture of John Belushi in his COLLEGE sweater. We chose the stencil, a slightly larger version. He applied it and got my approval on the placement. He made sure that the blue star was covered by a leaf, so the green would cover easily. He hand drew the falling petals and we were good to go.

The experience was just as I remembered, and the pain wasn't bad at all. I was glad to be getting back into it. I hadn't gone in a long time because I had been moving around for the last few years and hadn't gotten the chance to find a good shop. We chatted about the shop as he worked. He told me that Body Graphics has been around for about 20 years, and most of the artists have been there for a long time and have no plans of leaving any time soon. All signs of a good shop. He himself had been there 14 years, which was surprising considering how young he was. We talked about his wedding this weekend, and CT economy. We also talked about my job and some other little things. The tattooing went quickly - we listened to Jack Johnson, and it was done in about half an hour. I am very happy with the results.

It has been about 2 days now, and I have had absolutely no problems and no reaction to the pink this time. I've been tattooed several times, but this is the first that I've tried Tattoo Goo. I'm finding that I like it, and I will probably use it in the future.

I will definitely return to Body Graphics for my future tattoos, and I would return to Jes as well. He does good work, and he really worked with me to improve my ideas and give me something that would look good.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jes+Aristoy
Studio: Body+Graphics
Location: South+Windsor%2C+CT

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