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I don't think this is what i asked for...

It was about a month ago at a tattoo shop called "big daddy's" located in Lomita. I have gone there several times before to my original tattoo artist who I absolutely love but he does not work there any more so I rarely go anymore. Well I really did not expect to get anything done for my self that day, I just wanted to tag along with everyone else to watch them. As I watched everyone else getting something, I of course had to get something too. I started out by thinking I am going to get something on my back then I thought maybe my leg, and then I came up the grand Idea finally. And well I decided to get a spur of the moment tattoo because everyone else was getting something stupid too. after thinking about every stupid thing I could possibly get for my self I came to the only conclusion. So I got LA (for Los Angeles, where I am from) written on the inside of my lip to represent where I am from, not that I really care or anything. my friend also decided to get hers done as we ll. It was supposed to be written kind of like the los Angeles dodger's have it, not that I m a big baseball fan, I just think it looks pretty cool.

When I began I do not even know why I got so nervous. I just figured you know, it is inside my lip! it felt like it was over just like that. I sat down and it was just done. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is scared of getting anything, not much pain involved and if there is anything, you can suffer for like a second. anyways, It had to have been only about fifteen to twenty seconds to finish the tattoo. Obviously not a lot of detail to the two little letters. So after I finished that long ole procedure (yeah right), I looked at it in the shop for the first time in the mirror and I noticed that the A was slightly a little bit more faded than the L was, but who cares right. I really didn't. but then I did realize, she didn't make it like the Los Angeles dodgers LA. I hate complaining so I did not even ask her to fix it. at that moment I expected to pay about thirty or forty bucks and I asked how much the damage was going to be. She told me eighty dollars! How i s that worth eighty dollars! so now I realize I do not have enough money to pay. I had to run across the busiest street in the world to the most run down liquor store ever. Luckily they had an Automated Teller Machine. So I had to overdraft whatever money I could out of the Automated Teller Machine unfortunately. So I ran back risking my life across that street for the last time and played her the ridiculous amount of eighty bucks (plus a tip) and was on my way. while all my friends were talking about there cool tattoo's they got, I just kept my mouth shut.

For the past four weeks I forgot I even had the damn thing tattooed on me. I decided to go out with a few of my friends to go to starbuck's yesterday and get some coffee with them, and while I was out I was pulling my lip down one friend of mine asked, "why do you have a huge L tattooed on your lip." I did not even realize what she was talking about and I went to my car to look for my self because I remembered the fading A all of a sudden, and there you have it, I have a huge L tattooed on my lip. yeah well the A is completely gone, you cant even tell it was there at all no joke, and I am left with a huge L. As I mentioned before, I do not like to complain about stuff to anyone, but I got talked into going. I went back just today with a friend of mine to see if I could get it touched up, or actually redone I should say. and I asked if Jesse was working. they answered me with, "she doesn't work here anymore!" of course this is my luck!!! I could have just got it done by some one else, someone more legit, but I do not have any money on me. I thought about it, do I really want to run back to the liquor store across the street again and get killed, or leave it as it is. So I chose to live. I just left. I will probably wait the two or three years for it to go away by it's self.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: jesse
Studio: big+daddy%27s
Location: lomita

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